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PDFWAC 136-12-030

Acting county engineer.

If for any reason it is impossible to employ a new county engineer immediately, the county legislative authority shall designate, by resolution, an acting county engineer for an interim period not to exceed six months except as provided in WAC 136-12-060. A copy of such resolution shall be forwarded to the county road administration board within five business days of the effective date of the vacancy.
If the acting county engineer is not a licensed professional civil engineer, the legislative authority shall designate a licensed professional civil engineer to perform all professional civil engineering functions during the interim period as required by chapter 18.43 RCW, and the unlicensed acting county engineer shall perform only those functions of the office not requiring a professional civil engineer's license.
Per RCW 18.43.120, it is unlawful for a person to practice engineering without a license, unless directly overseen by a licensed individual. For the purposes of this chapter, the practice of engineering involves anything requiring engineering opinion, judgment, consultation, analysis, calculation, or design, but would exclude certain routine maintenance and operations decision making and calculations by qualified personnel.
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