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PDFWAC 135-100-020


"Authorized conservation program" and "conservation program" mean the renewable resources program defined in RCW 89.08.220(7) which includes a comprehensive long-range plan and a supplemental annual work plan.
"Renewable natural resources" or "natural resources" includes land, air, water, vegetation, fish, wildlife, wild rivers, wilderness, natural beauty, scenery, and open space.
"Special benefits to lands" means tangible improvements to renewable natural resources. "Special benefits to lands" can also mean intangible improvements to renewable natural resources from conservation programs and activities, including, but not limited to, education and outreach activities and programs that result, directly or indirectly, in improvements to renewable natural resources, or other intangible benefits that accrue to lands. "Special benefits to lands" does not necessarily mean that appraised property values are improved or altered as a result of the activities and programs funded by the special assessment.
"System of assessments" means:
(1) A classification or categorization of lands according to the benefits conferred, or to be conferred, by the conservation district's authorized conservation program;
(2) An annual rate of assessment for each land classification;
(3) A total amount of assessments that will be collected from each land classification; and
(4) The duration of the assessment.
The system of assessments does not include a budget or intended allocation of funds to be derived from the special assessment.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 89.08.040 and [89.08.]070. WSR 07-10-071, ยง 135-100-020, filed 5/1/07, effective 6/1/07.]
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