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Chapter 135-10 WAC

Last Update: 7/18/78


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF135-10-020Distribution policy.
HTMLPDF135-10-040Distribution categories.



RCW 89.08.070 authorizes the conservation commission to issue regulations establishing guidelines to govern the use by conservation districts of funds distributed to such districts by the conservation commission. The purpose of this chapter is to establish such guidelines.
[Order 2-73, § 135-10-010, filed 11/19/73.]


Distribution policy.

The conservation commission shall, within funds available for such purposes, distribute funds to conservation districts to carry out specific program activities identified by such districts and selected by the conservation commission as needed to accelerate the planning and implementation of resource management systems.
[Order 2-73, § 135-10-020, filed 11/19/73.]



Funds will be distributed to conservation districts by the conservation commission only upon receipt of a properly executed grant request form and will be for uses approved by the commission and subject to fulfilling the following requirements:
(1) Wages, salaries and related benefits.
(a) Employment of district personnel shall be by action of the governing body, and shall include a contract or work agreement, a copy of which shall be filed with the Conservation Commission, Olympia, Washington.
(b) Employee slips shall be submitted monthly to the conservation district treasurer.
(2) Travel and out-of-pocket expenses.
(a) Supervisors, employees, and agents shall submit travel vouchers monthly to conservation district treasurer.
(3) Supplies.
(a) Receipts for supplies purchased shall be submitted to the conservation district treasurer.
(4) Contractual services.
(a) Authorization for contractual services shall be by action of the governing body and shall be so recorded in the conservation district's official proceedings.
(b) A copy of any contract shall be filed with the conservation commission.
(c) Copies of receipts, orders, agreements, or transactions shall be submitted to the conservation district treasurer.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 89.08.070(5). WSR 78-08-045 (Order CC 78-1), § 135-10-030, filed 7/18/78; Order CC 77-1, § 135-10-030, filed 12/14/77; Order 2-73, § 135-10-030, filed 11/19/73.]


Distribution categories.

The conservation commission shall distribute funds directly, on a priority basis, to conservation districts for program activities within the following categories:
(1) Long-range programs and program development
(2) Special programs
(3) District administration
(4) District elections
(5) Information and education.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 89.08.070(5). WSR 78-08-045 (Order CC 78-1), § 135-10-040, filed 7/18/78; Order 2-73, § 135-10-040, filed 11/19/73.]