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PDFWAC 132Z-140-070

Prohibited conduct.

(1) The use or possession of unlawful drugs or narcotics, not medically prescribed, or of intoxicants on college property or at college functions, is prohibited. Students obviously under the influence of intoxicants, unlawful drugs or narcotics while in college facilities are subject to disciplinary action.
(2) The use of tobacco in any indoor facility is prohibited in accordance with health regulations.
(a) Smoking is prohibited inside all college or university vehicles, inside buildings and parking structures owned or occupied by the college or university and/or used by college or university faculty, staff or students and at any outside areas or locations that may directly or indirectly affect the air supply of buildings or carry smoke into buildings.
(b) The institutions may designate specific outdoor locations as smoking areas. Signage will be placed to indicate the designated locations.
(c) Any student, staff, or faculty member who violates the smoking policy may be subject to disciplinary action. In addition, violations of the smoking policy may be subject to appropriate enforcement.
(3) Destruction of property is also prohibited by state law in reference to public institutions.
(4) Authorized events may have alcoholic beverages as approved by the president and with proper permits.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140. WSR 06-14-012, ยง 132Z-140-070, filed 6/23/06, effective 7/24/06.]
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