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Chapter 132W-105 WAC

Last Update: 3/20/14


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HTMLPDF132W-105-010Legal status of the board.
HTMLPDF132W-105-020Regular meetings.
HTMLPDF132W-105-030Special meetings.
HTMLPDF132W-105-040Executive session.
HTMLPDF132W-105-050Open meetings.
HTMLPDF132W-105-060Appearances before the board.
HTMLPDF132W-105-070Board offices.
HTMLPDF132W-105-080Presidential authority delegate from board.


Legal status of the board.

By authority contained in the Community College Act of 1967 and as appointed by the governor of the state of Washington, the Wenatchee Valley College board of trustees shall serve the educational needs of Community College District 15 and shall be responsible for developing the policies of Community College District 15 under which Wenatchee Valley College operates. The board will delegate certain responsibilities to the president or designee.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 28B.50 RCW. WSR 01-12-015, § 132W-105-010, filed 5/25/01, effective 6/25/01.]


Regular meetings.

Regular meetings of the board shall be held each month, typically on the third Wednesday of each month at such time and place as it may designate.
A regular meeting may be canceled by action of the board or the board chair. A special meeting may, however, be set for another date and time. When a special meeting is scheduled, notice thereof will be given in conformance with the notice requirements for special meetings contained in RCW 42.30.080.
The location of board meetings shall be on one of the college campuses, 1300 Fifth St., Wenatchee, WA, or 116 West Apple Avenue, Omak, WA or at such other places as the board shall determine. The location, including building and room will be included in public notices.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140(13). WSR 14-08-013, § 132W-105-020, filed 3/20/14, effective 4/20/14. Statutory Authority: Chapter 28B.50 RCW. WSR 01-12-015, § 132W-105-020, filed 5/25/01, effective 6/25/01.]


Special meetings.

Special meetings may be called by the chair, or by request of three board members, and they shall be conducted in conformance with Washington state law. Only those items published on the agenda shall be considered at a special meeting.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 28B.50 RCW. WSR 01-12-015, § 132W-105-030, filed 5/25/01, effective 6/25/01.]


Executive session.

The board of trustees may hold an executive session during a regular or special meeting. Executive sessions will be held in conformance with Washington state law.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 28B.50 RCW. WSR 01-12-015, § 132W-105-040, filed 5/25/01, effective 6/25/01.]


Open meetings.

All regular and special board meetings are open to the public; however, the chair may call an executive session when permitted by Washington state law at which a member of the general public shall not be present unless invited.
Public votes and public records shall be open to the public for inspection and duplication.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 28B.50 RCW. WSR 01-12-015, § 132W-105-050, filed 5/25/01, effective 6/25/01.]


Appearances before the board.

Each regular meeting of the board shall provide members of the public an opportunity to address the board on any item of business. Groups and individuals are to submit their statements in writing to the president of the college whenever possible no less than two weeks prior to the time of the meeting. The board encourages groups to designate a spokesperson to address the board on their behalf.
The chair of the board reserves the right to determine time limits on statements and presentations.
The intent of the board shall be to provide equal time for both pro and con presentations. The chair also maintains the right to regulate the subject matter of that which may be presented or discussed at the open meeting including, but not limited to, matters which are the subject of current or pending grievances or adjudicative or disciplinary proceedings. Matters for consideration, discussion, and/or debate will be limited to the extent allowed by the Open Public Meetings Act, chapter 42.30 RCW.
The president of the college shall be given an opportunity, whenever possible, to examine and evaluate each matter of business and to recommend a course of action prior to a decision by the board.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 28B.50 RCW. WSR 01-12-015, § 132W-105-060, filed 5/25/01, effective 6/25/01.]


Board offices.

The board shall maintain an office at 1300 Fifth St., Wenatchee, WA 98801-1499, where all records, minutes, and the official college seal shall be kept.
This office shall be open during normal business hours.
Correspondence or other business for the board shall be sent to the secretary of the board, who is located in this office.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 28B.50 RCW. WSR 01-12-015, § 132W-105-070, filed 5/25/01, effective 6/25/01.]


Presidential authority delegate from board.

(1) The president of the college shall have the authority to exercise in the name of the board all of the powers and duties vested in or imposed upon the board by law except those reserved to the board by the board, including all powers granted to the board as governing body by chapter 39.34 RCW or any other statute. The president of the college shall be directly responsible to the board of trustees. The president shall be the principal administrative officer of the college and shall have general supervision of all operations and programs of the institution.
(2) The president shall be the appointing authority for all administrative exempt, classified, faculty and other employees of the college; the president may delegate some or all of that authority in writing to deans and/or other designees. The president shall carry out all rules, regulations, orders, directives and policies established by the board and shall perform all other duties necessary or appropriate to the administration of the college. The essence of the relationship between the board and the president shall be one of full mutual confidence and completely open communication.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 28B.50 RCW. WSR 01-12-015, § 132W-105-080, filed 5/25/01, effective 6/25/01.]