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PDFWAC 132U-280-020

Student's right to inspect and review records.

(1) A student has the right to inspect and review his or her education records.
(2) If circumstances prevent the student from inspecting and reviewing his or her records, the college shall provide copies of the education records. Charges for the copies shall not exceed the cost normally charged by the college (except in cases where charges have previously been approved by the boards of trustees' action for certain specified services; e.g. official transcripts.
(3) Limitations on right to inspect and review records.
(a) If the education records of a student contain information on more than one student, the student may inspect and review or be informed of only the specific information about that student.
(b) The college does not have to permit a student to inspect and review education records that are:
(i) Financial records, including any information those records contain about a student's parents.
(ii) Confidential letters and confidential statements of recommendation placed in the student's education records, if:
(1) The student has waived his or her right to inspect and review those letters and statements; and
(2) Those letters and statements are related to the students admission to an education institution, application for employment, or receipt of an honor or honorary recognition.
(c) A waiver under paragraph (b)(ii) of this section is valid only if:
(i) The college does not require the waiver as a condition for admission to or receipt of a service or benefit from the agency or institution; and
(ii) The waiver is made in writing and signed by the student, regardless of age.
(d) If a student has waived his or her rights under paragraph (b)(ii)(2) of this section, the college shall:
(i) Give the student, on request, the names of the individuals who provided the letters and statements of recommendation; and
(ii) Use the letters and statements of recommendation only for the purpose for which they were intended.
(e) A waiver under paragraph (b)(ii)(2) of this section may be revoked, in writing, with respect to any actions occurring after the revocation.
(4) Student education records may be destroyed in accordance with the college's routine retention schedule. However, in no case will any record which exists at the time the request is [made] by a student for review in accordance with this section and WAC 132U-280-025 be removed or destroyed prior to providing the student access.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.130, 28B.50.140. WSR 07-15-033, § 132U-280-020, filed 7/12/07, effective 8/12/07; WSR 88-15-005 (Order 88-03), § 132U-280-020, filed 7/8/88.]
Reviser's note: RCW 34.05.395 requires the use of underlining and deletion marks to indicate amendments to existing rules, and deems ineffectual changes not filed by the agency in this manner. The bracketed material in the above section does not appear to conform to the statutory requirement.
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