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PDFWAC 132U-140-040

General policies limiting use.

(1) Specific conditions shall be imposed to regulate the timeliness of requests, to determine the appropriateness of space assigned, time of use, and to ensure the proper maintenance of the facilities. All requests for facilities use must be made through the designated administrative officer(s). Allocation of space shall be made in accordance with college regulations and on the basis of time, space, manner, and priority of the request. The college designates public use areas for college and noncollege groups for expressive activity on campus. The specific locations of these public use areas are identified on a campus map located on the college website.
(2) Individuals and groups should notify the designated campus department no later than twenty-four hours in advance of an event. However, unscheduled events are permitted so long as the event does not materially disrupt any other function occurring at the facility.
(3) College facilities may not be used for purposes of political campaigning by or for candidates who have filed for public office, except for student-sponsored activities.
Approved student-sponsored activities of a political or commercial nature shall not permit promotional signs or posters on building, trees, walls, bulletin boards, or the distribution of samples outside the rooms or facilities to which access has been granted.
(4) Religious groups, not meeting as part of a recognized student club activity, shall not use the college facilities as a permanent meeting place. Use shall be intermittent only.
(5) The college reserves the right to prohibit the use of college facilities by groups, which restrict membership or participation in a manner inconsistent with the college's commitment to nondiscrimination as set forth in its written policies and commitments.
(6) No person or group may use or enter onto college facilities having in their possession firearms, even if licensed to do so, except commissioned police officers as prescribed by law.
(7) College facilities may not be used for commercial sales, solicitations, advertising or promotional activities, unless:
(a) Such activities serve educational purposes of the college;
(b) Such activities are under the sponsorship of a college department or office or officially chartered student club.
(8) The right of peaceful dissent within the college community shall be preserved. The college retains the right to ensure the safety of individuals, the continuity of the educational process, and the protection of property. While peaceful dissent is acceptable, violence or disruptive behavior is an illegitimate means of dissent. Should any person, group, or organization attempt to resolve differences by means of violence or perceived threat to health or safety, the college and its officials need not negotiate while such methods are employed and may involve local law enforcement authorities.
(9) Orderly picketing and other forms of peaceful dissent are protected activities in public use areas as outlined in this policy. However, interference with free passage through areas where members of the college community have a right to be, interference with ingress and egress to college facilities, interruption of classes, injury to persons, or damage to property, shall result in the sanctions outlined in this policy.
(10) Where college space is used for authorized function (such as a rental contract, class, or a public or private meeting under approved sponsorship, administrative function, or service related activities) groups must obey or comply with directions of the designated college administrative officer or individual in charge of the meeting.
(11) If a college facility abuts a public area or street, and if student activity, although on public property, unreasonably interferes with ingress and egress to college buildings, the college may choose to impose its own sanction although remedies might be available through local law enforcement agencies.
(12) Subject to the regulations and requirements of this policy, individuals and groups may use the campus limited forums for expressive activities between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
(13) Any sound amplification device may only be used at a volume which does not disrupt or disturb the normal use of classrooms, offices, or laboratories or any previously scheduled college event or activity.
(14) All sites used for expressive activity should be cleaned up and left in their original condition and may be subject to inspection by a representative of the college after the event. Reasonable charges may be assessed against the sponsoring organization for the costs of extraordinary cleanup or for the repair of damaged property.
(15) All fire, safety, sanitation, or special regulations specified for the event are to be obeyed. The college cannot and will not provide utility connections or hook ups for purposes of expressive activity conducted pursuant to this policy.
(16) The event must not be conducted in such a manner to obstruct vehicular, bicycle, pedestrian, or other traffic or otherwise interfere with ingress or egress to the college, or to college buildings or facilities, or to college activities or events. The event must not create safety hazards or pose unreasonable safety risks to college students, employees or invitees to the college.
(17) The event must not interfere with educational activities inside or outside any college building or otherwise prevent the college from fulfilling its mission and achieving its primary purpose of providing an education to its students. The event must not materially infringe on the rights and privileges of college students, employees or invitees to the college.
(18) There shall be no overnight camping on college facilities or grounds. Camping is defined to include sleeping, carrying on cooking activities, or storing personal belongings for personal habitation, or the erection of tents or other shelters or structures used for purposes of personal habitation.
(19) The event must also be conducted in accordance with any other applicable college policies and regulations, local ordinances, and state or federal laws.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 28B.50 RCW. WSR 14-11-030, § 132U-140-040, filed 5/13/14, effective 6/13/14. Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.130 and 28B.50.140. WSR 88-15-005 (Order 88-03), § 132U-140-040, filed 7/8/88.]
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