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PDFWAC 132T-90-080

Requests for access to student records.

(1) No personally identifiable information relating to a student's education record will be furnished to any person whatsoever unless such person makes a written request to do so and provides to the custodian of such records information sufficient to identify the requesting party as a person who has a right to access to such records. By way of example, and not limitation, a requesting party who identifies himself as a student to whom such record relates must provide a driver's license sufficient to identify such student, college identification card, and any other official identifying document that is sufficient to establish the identity of such student. In the case of any persons in the category of those individuals, persons, agencies or organizations identified in WAC 132T-90-050, no personally identifiable information contained in any student's education record will be disclosed without providing information of the same type and nature as that required of a student plus other information as the custodian of the record deem sufficient to ascertain the official capacity of such requesting party.
[Order 75-5, ยง 132T-90-080, filed 5/20/75.]
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