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PDFWAC 132T-180-060

Action taken.

The district hereby notifies the organization that it reserves the right to take action consistent with the exercise of its duties and responsibilities respecting the operation and maintenance of the district: Provided, That, the district shall, with the exception of emergencies, defer such action on proposed matters upon which the organization has a right to negotiate, but has not been afforded the opportunity to do so. With the exception of emergencies, in which case the time period will be shortened, seven calendar days prior to the final adoption of any rule, regulation or policy which is negotiable under RCW 28B.52.030, the district shall submit such proposed rule, regulation or policy to the organization. Such submission shall be deemed an invitation to negotiate the proposed rule, regulation or policy. Failure of the association to request negotiations on the proposed rule, regulation or policy, in writing to the district within twenty-four hours from the time of receipt of the proposed rule, regulation or policy, shall be deemed a waiver of such right to negotiate.
[Order 73-14, ยง 132T-180-060, filed 8/30/73.]
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