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PDFWAC 132T-06-100

Tenure considerations.

(1) A probationary faculty appointee shall acquire tenure by operation of law if service with the college exceeds three consecutive regular college years of full-time academic employment.
(2) The following positions are deemed by the appointing authority to constitute administrative appointments which are determined to be nontenurable:
(a) President
(b) Dean of instruction
(c) Dean of students
(d) Associate dean of instruction
(e) Business manager
(f) Registrar
All directors including, but not limited to:
(g) Director of admissions
(h) Director of guidance
(i) Director of student affairs
(j) Director of athletics
(k) Director of financial aids
(l) Director of occupational education
(m) Director of continuing education
All coordinators, including but not limited to:
(n) Academic education coordinator
(o) Occupational education coordinator
(p) Developmental education coordinator
(q) Coordinator of management information systems
(r) Coordinator of student development and guidance
All supervisors including, but not limited to:
(s) Supervisors of satellite campuses
(t) Physical facilities manager
(u) Funds development officer
(3) An individual who shall serve in any position enumerated in subsection two of this rule and who shall additionally serve as a teacher, counselor, librarian or other comparable position shall be eligible for an award of tenure insofar as such person has had or presently does have status as a teacher, counselor or librarian.
(4) Tenure may be awarded to an individual probationary faculty appointee at any time by the appointing authority after giving reasonable consideration to a specific recommendation from the review committee which recommendation can be made at any time during a probationary faculty appointee's service.
[Order 75-1, § 132T-06-100, filed 8/26/74; Order 72-3, § 132T-06-100, filed 11/26/71; Order 70-20, § 132T-06-100, filed 4/24/70.]
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