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Chapter 132Q-113 WAC

Last Update: 7/23/13


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF132Q-113-010Designation of legislative liaisons.


Designation of legislative liaisons.

As required by RCW 42.17.190, those persons holding the following positions within Washington State Community College District 17 are designated legislative liaisons for Washington State Community College District 17 and those community colleges contained within Community Colleges of Spokane:
(1) Members of the board of trustees;
(2) Chancellor;
(3) College presidents;
(4) District management services officers; and
(5) All those persons designated in writing by the chancellor of Washington State Community College District 17, which writing shall be made available among the records maintained by the office of the chancellor of Washington State Community College District 17.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140. WSR 13-15-152, § 132Q-113-010, filed 7/23/13, effective 8/23/13; WSR 11-20-025, § 132Q-113-010, filed 9/23/11, effective 10/24/11; WSR 04-10-065, § 132Q-113-010, filed 4/30/04, effective 5/31/04; WSR 92-14-040, § 132Q-113-010, filed 6/24/92, effective 7/25/92; Order 73-3, § 132Q-113-010, filed 2/23/73.]



Such persons designated in WAC 132Q-113-010 shall be responsible for making available through official channels requests for legislation or seeking such appropriations as the college may deem necessary for the official conduct of its business.
[Order 73-3, § 132Q-113-020, filed 2/23/73.]