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Chapter 132P-40 WAC

Last Update: 5/23/88


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HTMLPDF132P-40-001Participation of children in college activities.


Participation of children in college activities.

It is clearly recognized by all employees that Yakima Valley Community College is owned and supported by the citizens of the state of Washington; therefore, the college is for their benefit and use. However, the college is maintained by the people for particular purposes and this regulation is intended to enhance the public's use for those purposes.
The regulations below are equally applicable to all citizens, including all employees and students at Yakima Valley Community College.
(1) It is expected that only registered students will attend any classes at Yakima Valley Community College. Exceptions to this regulation may be made by the instructor for visitors who have been invited to make a presentation or otherwise support the activity of the course. There may be rare occasions when it is appropriate for visitors to attend classes, but such attendance will occur only when the instructor has given specific, advance approval.
(2) Preteen children are not permitted to be on campus unless they are directly and completely supervised at all times by a responsible adult, or are enrolled in the student cooperative child care program, or the Yakima Valley Community College child care services.
(3) Employees are strongly urged not to bring or to invite preteen visitors to the campus, particularly during the times that the employee is on duty, unless the children are under the constant, direct supervision of another (nonemployee) responsible adult.
(4) Only registered students and authorized college staff/volunteers may participate on field trips, retreats, or other college authorized travel activities.
(5) Responsible adult and teenage citizens are encouraged to visit the campus so long as such visits are compatible with the mission of the college.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.19.050. WSR 88-12-012 (Resolution No. 88-4-3), ยง 132P-40-001, filed 5/23/88.]