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PDFWAC 132N-156-450

Traffic offenses.

When safety considerations warrant, security personnel may issue a citation for any of the following traffic offenses:
(1) Failure to yield right of way (posted).
(2) Failure to yield right of way to pedestrian.
(3) Failure to yield right of way to vehicle.
(4) Failure to obey one-way directional arrows.
(5) Failure to yield right of way to emergency vehicle.
(6) Driving with excessive speed.
(7) Failure to stop at traffic signal/sign.
(8) Failure to use due care and caution.
(9) Driving without lights after dark.
(10) Having a passenger or animal outside of vehicle while in motion.
(11) Driving with an obstructed view.
(12) Driving on shoulder, or sidewalk or intracampus sidewalk or lane without authorization.
(13) Disobeying flagger, peace officer, security personnel, firefighter, or other agent of the college.
(14) Damaging college property including, but not limited to, landscape and plant material, curbs, sidewalks, utilities, etc.
(15) Driving while under the influence of intoxicants or with an open container of intoxicants.
(16) Allowing an unattended vehicle to roll, obstruct traffic, or damage property.
(17) Driving while distracted. Fines associated with traffic offenses shall be set and approved by the board, or its designee in accordance with WAC 132N-156-700. Students that commit traffic offenses may be referred to student conduct for violations of the code of student conduct, chapter 132N-125 WAC.
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