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PDFWAC 132K-122-020


For purposes of this chapter, the following terms shall have the definitions shown:
(1) A "student" is any person who is or has been in attendance at Pierce College with respect to whom Pierce College maintains educational records or other information personally identifiable by name, identification number, or other means of recognition.
(2) The term "education records" means those records, files, documents, and other materials maintained by Pierce College which contain information directly related to the individual student. The term does not include:
(a) Records of instructional, supervisory and administrative personnel and educational personnel ancillary thereto which are in the sole possession of the maker, thereof and which are not accessible to or revealed to any other person except a person appointed to replace or assume responsibilities of the originator of the records on a temporary basis;
(b) Records made and maintained in the normal course of business which relates exclusively to the person's capacity as an employee and which are not available for any other purposes: Provided, That this exception does not extend to records relating to individuals in attendance at Pierce College who are employed as a result of their status as a student;
(c) Records of a student which are created or maintained by a physician, psychiatrist or other officially recognized professional or paraprofessional acting in his or her professional or paraprofessional capacity, or assisting in that capacity, and which are created, maintained or used only in connection with the provision of treatment to the student, and are not available to anyone other than persons providing such treatment: Provided, however, That such records can be personally reviewed by a physician or other appropriate professional of the student's choice;
(d) Records and/or documents of the Pierce College security office which are kept apart from the educational records and which are maintained solely for law enforcement purposes and which are not made available to persons other than law enforcement officials of the same jurisdiction;
(e) Records which contain only information relating to a person after that person was no longer a student at Pierce College such as those dealing with activities of an alumni leaving Pierce College.
(3) The term "directory information" means information contained in an education record of a student which would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed. Pierce College will annually notify students of the specific information in their education records designated as directory information. Directory information may be disclosed at the discretion of the college and without the consent of the student unless he or she elects to prevent disclosure as provided for in WAC 132K-122-100.
(4) The term "personally identifiable" means data or information which includes: The name of the student, the student's parent(s), or other family members; the address of the student; a personal identifier such as the student's Social Security number or student number; a list of personal characteristics which would make the student's identity easily traceable; telephone number; date of birth; academic/occupational intent; information for participants in officially recognized athletic events; or other information which would make the student's identity easily traceable.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140. WSR 01-11-068, § 132K-122-020, filed 5/14/01, effective 6/14/01; WSR 86-15-020 (Order 86-1, Resolution No. 86-1), § 132K-122-020, filed 7/11/86; Order 37, § 132K-122-020, filed 9/2/77.]
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