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PDFWAC 132K-112-105


(1) "Employee organization" means any organization which includes as members the faculty employees of Community College District No. 11 and which has as one of its purposes the representation of the employees in their employment relations with the community college district.
(2) "Faculty employee" means any teacher, counselor, librarian, or division head, who is employed by Community College District No. 11, with the exception of those holding administrative appointments as defined by the board of trustees unless included as specified in WAC 132K-112-205 and those employed exclusively in community service courses.
(3) "Full-time appointment" shall be one in which the academic employee receives a full-time contract and works a full-time load for three complete quarters in one academic year. (Fall, winter, spring.)
(4) "Part-time appointment" shall mean employment in a quarterly teaching agreement with specifically assigned duties usually based on contact hours for the two previous, consecutive quarters, exclusive of summer quarter. (For purpose of determining proportion of vote, a full-time load shall consist of a maximum of 25 contact hours, weekly, for high school completion; college level, 20 contact hours; learning labs such as mathematics, reading/individual progress center, counselors and librarians, 40 contact hours. In addition, all full-time faculty are required to have office hours as prescribed by the administration, committee assignments, advising and other assigned duties.)
[Order 23, ยง 132K-112-105, filed 9/9/74.]
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