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Chapter 132G-140 WAC

Last Update: 6/6/79


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF132G-140-010Student records—Requests from outside the college.
HTMLPDF132G-140-020Students records—Requests from parents and legal guardians.
HTMLPDF132G-140-030Student records—Requests for test data.
HTMLPDF132G-140-040Student records—Counseling information.
HTMLPDF132G-140-050Student records—Subpoena of information.
HTMLPDF132G-140-060Library circulation records.
HTMLPDF132G-140-062Withholding services for outstanding debts.
HTMLPDF132G-140-066Informal hearing notification.
HTMLPDF132G-140-068Procedure for informal hearing.
HTMLPDF132G-140-070Withholding of transcripts and registration privileges.
HTMLPDF132G-140-080Student records—Dean of student services authority.
HTMLPDF132G-140-090Professional personnel records—Application file.
HTMLPDF132G-140-100Professional personnel records—Area file.
HTMLPDF132G-140-110Classified staff personnel records.


Student records—Requests from outside the college.

Unless the student specifically requests otherwise, the college will routinely respond to requests for the following information about a student: Name, place and date of birth, home and campus address, dates of attendance, curriculum, and degrees, if any.
[Order 1-35:72, § 132G-140-010, filed 11/29/72, effective 1/1/73.]


Students records—Requests from parents and legal guardians.

Parents and legal guardians of unemancipated minors will be provided, upon request, information about academic record and status, misconduct in academic or other campus activity including disciplinary action, and reports of academic counseling.
[Order 1-35:72, § 132G-140-020, filed 11/29/72, effective 1/1/73.]


Student records—Requests for test data.

Standard test data regarding individual tests required to form a basis for a decision about an individual may be provided at the discretion of the agent with the data in response to a proper request from a recognized institution of higher education.
[Order 1-35:72, § 132G-140-030, filed 11/29/72, effective 1/1/73.]


Student records—Counseling information.

Information obtained during professional medical and psychological treatment or counseling will be released by the professional only in accordance with the ethics of his profession.
[Order 1-35:72, § 132G-140-040, filed 11/29/72, effective 1/1/73.]


Student records—Subpoena of information.

A valid judicial or legislative subpoena of information about a student will be answered upon the advice of the attorney general's office.
[Order 1-35:72, § 132G-140-050, filed 11/29/72, effective 1/1/73.]


Library circulation records.

Librarians and library employees shall not make available library circulation records to any agency of state, federal, or local government except pursuant to such process, order, or subpoena as may be authorized under the authority of, and pursuant to, federal, state, or local law relating to civil, criminal, or administrative discovery procedures or legislative investigatory power.
[Order 1-35:72, § 132G-140-060, filed 11/29/72, effective 1/1/73.]


Withholding services for outstanding debts.

If any person, including faculty, staff, student or former student, be indebted to the institution for the outstanding overdue debt, the institution shall not provide any further services of any kind to such individual, including but not limited to transmitting files, records, transcripts or other services which have been requested by any such person.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.130 and 28B.50.140. WSR 79-06-106 (Order 12-10:79), § 132G-140-062, filed 6/6/79.]



Upon receipt of such a request for services where there is an outstanding debt due the institution from that person, the institution shall notify the person by first-class mail that the services will not be provided since there is an outstanding debt due the institution, and further that until that debt is paid in full or arrangements are made to pay debt over time, no such services as are requested will be provided the individual.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.130 and 28B.50.140. WSR 79-06-106 (Order 12-10:79), § 132G-140-064, filed 6/6/79.]


Informal hearing notification.

The letter of notification contained in WAC 132G-140-064 shall also notify the individual that he has a right to a hearing before a person designated by the president of the institution to the extent that he believes the records of the institution are incorrect concerning his indebtedness. The letter shall also indicate that the request for the hearing must be made within twenty days from the date of mailing said letter.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.130 and 28B.50.140. WSR 79-06-106 (Order 12-10:79), § 132G-140-066, filed 6/6/79.]


Procedure for informal hearing.

Upon receipt of a timely request for a hearing, the person designated by the president shall have the records and files of the institution available for review and, at that time, shall hold an informal hearing concerning whether the individual in fact owes any outstanding debts to the institution. After the informal hearing, a decision shall be rendered by the president's designee indicating whether in fact the institution is correct in withholding services for the outstanding debt, and if the outstanding debt is in fact owed by the individual involved, no services shall be provided and notification of this shall be sent to the individual within five days after the hearing. Said decision shall constitute an informal proceeding established by the institution pursuant to the Higher Education Administrative Procedure Act as defined in RCW 28B.19.110.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.130 and 28B.50.140. WSR 79-06-106 (Order 12-10:79), § 132G-140-068, filed 6/6/79.]


Withholding of transcripts and registration privileges.

The college may withhold transcripts and deny registration privileges to any student who has failed to fulfill a financial obligation to the college. Such obligations include, but are not limited to, the payment of the following fees and fines:
(1) Application fees;
(2) General tuition and fees;
(3) Charges for credit hour changes;
(4) Transcript fees;
(5) Laboratory fees;
(6) Parking fines;
(7) Library fines;
(8) Short-term loans;
(9) Nursing loans;
(10) National direct student loans.
In addition, transcripts may be withheld and/or registration privileges denied based upon failure to complete required exit interviews with the office of financial aid and failure to return borrowed college property, including college library books.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.130 and 28B.50.140. WSR 79-06-106 (Order 12-10:79), § 132G-140-070, filed 6/6/79; Order 1-35:72, § 132G-140-070, filed 11/29/72, effective 1/1/73.]


Student records—Dean of student services authority.

The dean of student services will be responsible for reviewing unusual requests for information concerning students and assisting in interpretation of the rules pertaining to the release of such information. His decision will be final in these matters.
[Order 1-35:72, § 132G-140-080, filed 11/29/72, effective 1/1/73.]


Professional personnel records—Application file.

A personnel application file shall be maintained for each professional staff member. This file shall be closed to all personnel except those designated by approved college policy and procedural guidelines.
[Order 1-35:72, § 132G-140-090, filed 11/29/72, effective 1/1/73.]


Professional personnel records—Area file.

For each professional staff member, a file shall be kept in the appropriate area or division office as a repository for information on professional preparation and evaluation as it pertains to any matter related to professional competence in assigned duties and for collection and retention of evidence which may be used in formal disciplinary hearings. This file shall be closed to all personnel except those designated by approved college policy and procedural guidelines.
[Order 1-35:72, § 132G-140-100, filed 11/29/72, effective 1/1/73.]


Classified staff personnel records.

Personnel records are retained in the office of the college classified personnel officer. However, at any time during regular working hours and with appropriate advance notice, an employee may review the contents of his own personnel file or may in the case of a grievance authorize his representative to inspect his personnel file. Also, other appropriate college officials shall have access to these same files.
No anecdotal records or other prejudicial information will be placed in an employee's personnel file without his prior knowledge.
[Order 1-35:72, § 132G-140-110, filed 11/29/72, effective 1/1/73.]