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Chapter 132G-132 WAC

Last Update: 12/31/72


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF132G-132-010College calendar.
HTMLPDF132G-132-020College closure.
HTMLPDF132G-132-030Time schedule—Cancellation of classes.


College calendar.

At their regular February meeting the board of trustees will adopt the college calendar for the ensuing academic year. This calendar will specify for each quarter the days upon which instruction will begin and end, the days which will constitute the final examination period and the days which will be designated as college holidays. The calendar for each academic year will begin with the fall quarter. The calendar adopted under the procedure outlined above will be published in the college catalog and will be available in the office of the director of admissions and registration during regular college business hours.
[Order 1-35:72, § 132G-132-010, filed 11/29/72, effective 1/1/73.]


College closure.

In the event of extremely severe weather conditions or a major disaster, the college may be closed by the college president or his designated representative.
[Order 1-35:72, § 132G-132-020, filed 11/29/72, effective 1/1/73.]


Time schedule—Cancellation of classes.

Classes on the printed time schedule may be canceled by the registrar when necessary.
[Order 1-35:72, § 132G-132-030, filed 11/29/72, effective 1/1/73.]