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The following definitions apply to this chapter:
(1) Authorized valid payment: Any payment accepted by the district, including online, mobile application, and pay stations.
(2) Bicycle: Any device defined as a bicycle in RCW 46.04.071.
(3) Campus: Any of the campuses of Seattle College District VI to include those lands and leased facilities where parking is managed or controlled by Seattle College District VI.
(4) Campus safety director: The senior employee responsible for campus safety.
(5) Campus safety officers: Employees of Seattle College District VI who are responsible for campus security, safety, parking, and traffic control.
(6) Carpool: A group of two or more employees or students who commute to campus in the same vehicle and complete the campus commuter services carpool registration process.
(7) Citation: Formal written notice of a parking violation.
(8) College: A Seattle College District VI college: Central Seattle College, North Seattle College, South Seattle College, and collectively those responsible for their control and operations.
(9) Commuter services: Any district or college unit that manages and maintains parking facilities, issues parking products, issues citations, processes citation appeals, and collects fees and fines.
(10) Day: Unless otherwise specified, the term "day" refers to a calendar day.
(11) Disability parking: See persons with a disability.
(12) Disability zone/area: A parking zone designated for exclusive use by persons with a disability and identified with a sign bearing the associated international symbol.
(13) District: Seattle College District VI consisting of Central Seattle College, North Seattle College, South Seattle College, and collectively those responsible for its control and operations.
(14) Electric-assisted bicycle: As defined under RCW 46.04.169.
(15) Employee: Any individual hired as or appointed to the faculty, staff, or administration of Seattle College District VI.
(16) EPAMD: Electric personal assistive mobility device as defined under RCW 46.04.1695.
(17) Fee: A charge for the use of services provided and facilities managed by commuter services.
(18) Fine: Monetary penalty for a parking violation.
(19) Idling: The running of an engine which supplies the motive power for a vehicle, when not for the purpose of moving the vehicle with the normal flow of traffic on a street or roadway. Idling does not include running the vehicle's engine while stopped at a traffic signal or waiting for the passage of other vehicles to permit safe entry into the flow of traffic.
(20) Immobilization: The attachment of a device to a parked motor vehicle so that the vehicle cannot be moved.
(21) Impoundment: The removal of the vehicle to a storage facility by an authorized agent of campus safety, commuter services, or an authorized agent of commuter services.
(22) License plate recognition (LPR): Technology that uses optical character recognition to automatically read license plate characters.
(23) Meter: A single fixed device that registers and collects payment for the length of time a vehicle occupies a single parking space. A meter does not produce a receipt, physical permit, or virtual permit. A meter is not a permit-issuance machine.
(24) Moped: As defined under RCW 46.04.304.
(25) Motor vehicle: As defined under RCW 46.04.320.
(26) Motorcycle: As defined under RCW 46.04.330.
(27) Nonmotorized vehicle: A device other than a motor vehicle used to transport persons including, but not limited to, bicycles, skateboards, in-line skates, hoverboards, personal conveyance devices, and roller skates.
(28) Operator or driver: Every person who drives or is in actual physical control of a motor vehicle or nonmotorized vehicle.
(29) Overtime parking: The occupation by a vehicle of a time-limited space beyond the posted time limit or time provided on a permit, meter, or permit-issuance machine.
(30) Parking product: A product issued by commuter services to manage motorized and nonmotorized access to the campus. Parking products include, but are not limited to, visual permits, virtual permits, access to bicycle lockers and other bicycle parking facilities, and parking access cards.
(31) Parking space: A space for parking one motor vehicle normally designated by lines painted on either side of the space, a wheel stop positioned in the front of the space, a sign or signs, or other markings.
(32) Pay station: A commuter services deployed and managed machine that issues virtual permits.
(33) Permit: A visual permit or virtual permit.
(34) Persons with a disability: For the purpose of this chapter, persons with a disability shall refer to a person or persons with a disability or disabilities who qualify for a state-issued individual with disabilities parking identification and permit.
(35) Registered owner: The person who has the lawful right of possession of a vehicle most recently recorded with any state department of licensing.
(36) Roller skate/in-line skate: A device used to attach wheels to the foot or feet of a person.
(37) Skateboard: Any oblong board of whatever composition, with a pair of wheels at each end, which may be ridden by a person.
(38) Student: A person enrolled in a Seattle College District VI college.
(39) Traffic: The movement of motorized vehicles, nonmotorized vehicles, and pedestrians in an area or along a street as is defined in RCW 46.04.590.
(40) Vehicle: As defined under RCW 46.04.670.
(41) Virtual permit: An authorization to park, issued by commuter services, or an authorized agent, that is associated with a vehicle's license plate.
(42) Visitor: A person who is neither an employee nor a student of Seattle College District VI and who only visits campus on an occasional basis.
(43) Visual permit: A physical permit issued by campus commuter services that when properly filled out and displayed according to instructions, authorizes a vehicle to park on campus.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140 and 28B.50.090(3). WSR 23-03-074, ยง 132F-116-003, filed 1/13/23, effective 2/13/23.]
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