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PDFWAC 132E-16-330

Visitors, guests and special parking.

(1) A guest of the college shall be directed by the security office to park in any unrestricted parking space available on the EvCC campus. Those persons involved in testing, orienting, registering and admission to EvCC shall be considered guests for the purposes of this code.
(a) Complimentary parking permits may be given at the direction of the president of Everett Community College.
(b) Federal, state, county, city and school district personnel on official business and in vehicles with tax exempt license plates are exempt from obtaining an EvCC parking permit. A guest parking permit will be issued upon request by the vehicle operator.
(c) Vehicles owned by contractors and their employees working on campus construction shall be parked in designated areas as directed by the director of campus safety. A special permit shall be issued by the security office for each contractor's vehicle parking on the EvCC campus.
(d) Visiting academic or administrative personnel from other colleges or universities and guest speakers will be issued "guest parking permits" and may park in any unrestricted parking space available on the EvCC campus.
(e) Responsibility for making parking arrangements for guests will rest with the sponsoring department through the director of campus safety.
(f) Visitor parking may be metered. If visitor parking is metered, visitors to the college shall be directed to park in metered "visitor" parking stalls. Those parking at metered "visitor" parking stalls with "expired" time will be subject to a traffic violation notice. If visitor parking is not metered, visitors shall be directed to park in visitor parking stalls.
(2) Special permits.
(a) Guest parking permit will be issued to a person using vehicles other than their primary vehicles, on a temporary basis.
(b) The security office will assist college departments which sponsor functions such as conferences, seminars, dinners, and similar events in arranging reserved parking. Advance notice must be given in writing by the sponsoring department to the director of campus safety at least ten days prior to the event.
(c) One student car pool parking permit capable of being moved from one registered vehicle to another within a student car pool membership will be issued to each designated student car pool.
(d) Individual car pool permits will be issued to each member of a registered staff car pool.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 34.05 RCW and RCW 28B.50.140(10). WSR 98-17-074, § 132E-16-330, filed 8/18/98, effective 9/18/98; Order 1969-2, § 132E-16-330, filed 2/3/69; Emergency Orders, filed 2/3/69, 11/21/68.]
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