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PDFWAC 132E-16-240

Fines and penalties.

Fines for violations of these regulations shall be as follows:
(1) Fines will be levied for parking violations that occur on the EvCC campus. A schedule of fines shall be published in the EvCC Student Handbook and on the parking citation form, and a copy of the fine schedule shall be available in the security office.
(2) All violators who pay fines within two working days will have the assessed fines reduced by fifty percent.
(3) All EvCC staff and students who fail to display a current permit by the second week of classes shall be subject to receive a parking violation notice.
(4) If a student fails or refuses to pay an uncontested fine that has been outstanding for over five working days, the student may not be able to obtain college records or to register for subsequent quarters until all fines are paid.
(5) Upon the showing of mitigating circumstances, the college security office may grant an extension of time within which to comply with a traffic violation notice.
(6) Resolution of traffic violations is the responsibility of the violator.
(7) Unpaid traffic violations are unpaid debt owed to Everett Community College.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 34.05 RCW and RCW 28B.50.140(10). WSR 98-17-074, § 132E-16-240, filed 8/18/98, effective 9/18/98; Order 1969-2, § 132E-16-240, filed 2/3/69; Emergency Orders, filed 2/3/69, 11/21/68.]
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