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PDFWAC 132E-16-010

Permits required for vehicles on campus.

(1) No person shall stop, park, or leave a motor vehicle upon grounds maintained by Everett Community College without a parking permit issued by the college security office.
(a) Businesses engaged in delivery service to the campus are exempt from obtaining a parking permit.
(b) Vendors and those engaged in product sales are required to obtain a "vendor" parking permit.
(2) Upon payment of the parking permit fee and registration of their vehicles at the security office, students and staff shall be issued the appropriate staff or student parking permits. A current, unexpired parking permit which is displayed as directed by the security office, shall constitute a valid permit and evidence of permission by EvCC to stop, park or leave a vehicle upon grounds owned, operated, or maintained by Everett Community College.
A temporary parking permit may be authorized by the security office for short-term classes, seminars, conferences, and/or events.
(3) When a staff member or student acquires a new or different vehicle it shall be necessary to register the new vehicle with the college security office when it is first driven onto campus. No new fees for parking will be required and a new permit will be issued if necessary.
(4) Guests of EvCC may obtain "guest" parking permits by registering their vehicles at the security office. The guest will be instructed to display the parking permit on the dashboard at the driver's side of the vehicle with the permit date able to be read from outside the vehicle.
(5) Failure to purchase or obtain an EvCC parking permit and to properly display the permit is a violation of these rules and regulations.
(6) Parking permits will not be required of government owned and licensed vehicles.
(7) Provisions within negotiated labor agreements of the college will be honored.
(8) Clientele of tenants of EvCC are subject to the provisions of this code. Payment of parking fees of clientele of tenants may be arranged through the tenant's lease agreement or paid by the client.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 34.05 RCW and RCW 28B.50.140(10). WSR 98-17-074, § 132E-16-010, filed 8/18/98, effective 9/18/98; Order 1969-2, § 132E-16-010, filed 2/3/69; Emergency Orders, filed 2/3/69, 11/21/68.]
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