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PDFWAC 131-28-027

Community and technical college costs and special fees for contracted educational services.

(1) College districts that choose to offer contractual educational courses or services, as authorized by RCW 28B.50.140(16), to private or governmental entities shall establish a special fee for the service or course to be paid by the entity involved. Such special fee shall be set forth in the contractual agreement establishing such courses or services.
(2) Contractual educational courses or services may be offered when a district makes a determination that it is not reasonably feasible for financial or other reasons, to offer such courses or services as a part of the regular curriculum. Upon making such determination, the district may offer such courses or services and shall limit participation therein to employees, agents, or members of the particular entity.
(3) Any enrollments generated through contracts for educational courses or services developed shall be excluded from the official state funded enrollment level of the college so that there will not be any state funding for such courses or services.
(4) The special fee charged for any such contractual educational course or service shall be retained by the college district to defray the cost of such course or service and may be used for the general operations and maintenance of the college district.
(5) The special fees charged pursuant to this regulation shall be sufficient to offset the full instructional costs of offering the course or service. Calculation of the full instructional cost level shall include all direct and indirect costs.
(6) If the instructor for any course performs such services as a paid employee or personal services contractor of another state agency, the course shall be considered a contract course subject to the provisions of this section, except when reimbursement for such services is made to the other agency by the college district.
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