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PDFWAC 130-20-060

Survey requirement.

In order to recognize the accountability and effectiveness of tax policy, the legislature requires that each production receiving funding assistance from the motion picture competitiveness program shall report information to the department through a survey.
(1) The motion picture competitiveness program shall ensure that no funds are disbursed until an applicant submits answers to a survey developed by the department.
(2) The department will make available on its web site a survey template.
(3) The motion picture competitiveness program may extend the due date for timely filing of the survey if failure to file was the result of circumstances beyond the control of the motion picture production receiving the funding assistance.
(4) Surveys shall include the following information:
(a) The amount of funding assistance requested.
(b) The total amount of preproduction, production and postproduction spending made in the state.
(c) The number of total employment positions.
(d) The number of full-time and part-time/temporary employment positions as a percent of total employment.
(i) Full-time employment is forty hours or more per week, or positions held for the full shooting schedule;
(ii) Part-time/temporary employment is for positions held for less than the full shooting schedule.
(e) The number of jobs at the wage bands of less than thirty thousand dollars, thirty thousand to sixty thousand dollars, and sixty thousand dollars and greater per production.
(f) The number of jobs that have employer-provided health insurance and payments into a retirement plan by each wage band.
(g) Additional information as requested by the department.
(5) The department shall submit a summary of descriptive statistics based on information from the survey by September 1 of even-numbered years.
(6) The department shall provide the complete surveys to the joint legislative audit and review committee each year by September 1.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.365.020. WSR 09-17-015, § 130-20-060, filed 8/6/09, effective 9/6/09; WSR 09-03-033, § 130-20-060, filed 1/12/09, effective 2/12/09; WSR 07-03-015, § 130-20-060, filed 1/4/07, effective 2/4/07.]
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