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PDFWAC 118-40-050

Commission—Purpose, responsibilities.

The purpose of the state emergency response commission is to coordinate hazardous material issues and carry out the mandate of EPCRA (P.L. 99-499), as now authorized or hereafter adopted.
The state emergency response commission shall be responsible for the establishment of a state hazardous materials emergency preparedness, response, and community right-to-know program as required by EPCRA. Specific responsibilities of the commission include, but are not limited to the following duties:
(1) Appointment of such ad hoc committees and working groups as required.
(2) Designation of local emergency planning districts.
(3) Receive and record initial appointment of and subsequent revisions to local emergency planning committee membership.
(4) Review and evaluation of local emergency response plans.
(5) Administer and coordinate responsibilities for representative state emergency response commission members for implementing the EPCRA program in Washington state.
(6) Establishment of procedures for the receipt of, management and access to all notifications, reports, plans and all other information required by EPCRA.
(7) Coordination with the Environmental Protection Agency on EPCRA implementation.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 38.52 RCW and Public Law 99-499. WSR 98-07-028, § 118-40-050, filed 3/11/98, effective 4/11/98. Statutory Authority: RCW 38.52.030(2), 38.52.050 (1), (3) and 43.63A.060. WSR 88-19-025 (Order 88-05), § 118-40-050, filed 9/12/88.]
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