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PDFWAC 110-80-0220

What factors affect the amount of the monthly adoption support payments an adoptive parent receives?

(1) The amount of the adoption support monthly cash payment is determined through the discussion and negotiation process between the adoptive parents and representatives of the department based upon the needs of the child and the circumstances of the family. The payment that is agreed upon should combine with the parents' resources to cover the ordinary and special needs of the child projected over an extended period of time. Anticipation and discussion of these needs are part of the negotiation of the amount of the adoption assistance payment.
(2) Family circumstances to be considered include:
(a) Size, including the adopted child;
(b) Normal living expenses, including education and childcare expenses;
(c) Exceptional circumstances of any family member;
(d) Income;
(e) Resources and savings plans;
(f) Medical care and hospitalization needs;
(g) Ability to purchase or otherwise obtain medical care; and
(h) Additional miscellaneous expenses related to the adopted child.
(3) The department and the adoptive parents will jointly determine the level of adoption support cash payments needed to meet the basic needs of the child without creating a hardship on the family. However, under no circumstances may the amount of the adoption support monthly cash payment the department pays for the child exceed the statutory cap for the adoption support maintenance payment, under RCW 74.13A.047.
(4) Where warranted, and where specifically set forth in the agreement, the adoptive parents and department may agree that specific circumstances require a particular payment for a limited period of time and, as set forth in the agreement, the payment will be automatically adjusted or renegotiated at the expiration of the time period.
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