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PDFWAC 110-301-0016

Inactive statusVoluntary and temporary closure.

(1) If a school-age licensee plans to temporarily close their school-age program for more than thirty calendar days, and this closure is a departure from the program's regular schedule, a school-age provider must submit a notification to go on inactive status to the department at least two business days prior to the planned closure. Notifications for inactive status must include:
(a) The date the school-age program will cease operating;
(b) The reasons why the licensee is going on inactive status; and
(c) A projected date the school-age program will reopen.
(2) The requirements of this section do not apply to licensed school-age programs that have temporary closures beyond thirty calendar days as part of their regular schedule, such as programs based on the school year or seasonal occupation.
(3) A licensee may not request inactive status during their first initial licensing period (six months) unless for an emergency.
(4) A school-age provider must inform parents and guardians that the program will temporarily close.
(5) A school-age provider is responsible for notifying the department of changes to program status including voluntary closures, new staff, or other program changes. Program status updates must also be completed in the department's electronic system.
(6) Background check rules in chapter 110-06 WAC, including allegations of child abuse or neglect, will remain in effect during inactive status.
(7) After receiving a notice of inactive status, the department will:
(a) Place the license on inactive status;
(b) Inform the licensee that the license is inactive; and
(c) Notify the following programs of the inactive status:
(i) The department's child care subsidy programs;
(ii) CACFP; and
(iii) Child care aware of Washington.
(8) A licensee is still responsible for maintaining annual compliance requirements during inactive status pursuant to RCW 43.216.305.
(9) If inactive status exceeds six months within a twelve-month period, the department must close the license. The licensee must reapply for licensing pursuant to RCW 43.216.305(3).
(10) The department may pursue enforcement actions after three failed attempts to monitor a school-age program if the:
(a) School-age provider has not been available to permit the monitoring visits;
(b) Monitoring visits were attempted within a three-month time period; and
(c) Department attempted to contact the provider by phone during the third attempted visit while still on the school-age program premises.
(11) When a licensee is ready to reopen after a temporary closure, the licensee must notify the department in writing. After receiving notice of the intent to reopen, the department will:
(a) Conduct a health and safety visit of the school-age program within ten business days to determine that the provider is in compliance with this chapter;
(b) Activate the license and inform the licensee that the license is active; and
(c) Notify the following programs of the active status:
(i) The department's child care subsidy programs;
(ii) CACFP; and
(iii) Child care aware of Washington.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.216.055 and 43.216.065. WSR 21-10-035, § 110-301-0016, filed 4/27/21, effective 6/1/21.]
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