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PDFWAC 110-15-0025

Consumers' rights.

When consumers apply for or receive WCCC benefits, they have the right to:
(1) Be free from discrimination in accordance with all applicable federal and state nondiscrimination laws, regulations, and policies;
(2) Have WCCC eligibility determined within 30 days from the application date per WAC 110-15-0095;
(3) Be informed, in writing, of their legal rights and responsibilities related to WCCC benefits;
(4) Receive a written notice at least 10 days before DCYF makes changes to lower or stop benefits except as stated in WAC 110-15-0115;
(5) Ask for an administrative hearing under WAC 110-15-0280 if they disagree with DCYF about a decision;
(6) Ask a supervisor or administrator to review a decision or action affecting their benefits without affecting their right to an administrative hearing;
(7) Have an interpreter or translator service provided by DCYF within a reasonable amount of time and at no cost to them;
(8) Choose a provider as long as the provider meets the requirements in WAC 110-15-0125;
(9) Ask the fraud early detection (FRED) investigator from the DSHS office of fraud and accountability (OFA) to come back at another time. Consumers do not have to let an investigator into their homes. These requests will not affect their eligibility for benefits. Consumers' refusal to provide information to an OFA investigators request could affect their eligibility for benefits;
(10) Access their children at all times while the children are in child care;
(11) Terminate child care without cause and without notice to providers. Notice must be given to DCYF within five days of termination;
(12) Not be charged by the consumer's licensed, certified, or license-exempt provider, or be made to pay for the difference between the provider's private rate and the state maximum rate, when the provider's private rate for child care is higher than the maximum state rate;
(13) Not be charged by their licensed or certified providers, or otherwise be made to pay for:
(a) The difference between providers' registration fees and the state's maximum registration fee, when the providers' registration fees are higher;
(b) Any day when their children are absent;
(c) Vacation days when their providers' choose to close;
(d) A higher amount than the state allows for field trips. If the consumers request, and providers have a written policy in place, consumers may voluntarily pay the difference between the amount that the state allows and the actual cost of the field trip;
(e) A preschool tuition fee in addition to regular child care services; or
(f) Child care services after the final day of care, when their providers stop caring for their children.
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