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PDFWAC 110-05-0015


The department may not issue a CPI if:
(1) Fewer than five years have elapsed since the date the investigative assessment was issued that resulted in the individual's last founded finding of CA/N;
(2) Fewer than two years have passed since the department denied the individual's request for a CPI;
(3) The individual has a founded finding for sexual abuse or sexual exploitation or has a founded finding for physical abuse and the conduct that was the basis for the physical abuse finding involved cutting, burning, interfering with a child's breathing, shaking a child under three, or threatening a child with a deadly weapon;
(4) The individual was convicted of or is the subject of a pending criminal investigation for:
(a) Any felony offense involving the physical neglect of a child under chapter 9A.42 RCW;
(b) Any felony offense under chapter 9A.32 or 9A.36 RCW involving a physical injury or death of a child;
(c) Any felony domestic violence offense committed against a family or household member as defined in chapter 10.99 RCW;
(d) A felony offense against a child under chapter 9.68A RCW; or
(e) Any of the following felony offenses:
(i) Defined under any law as a class A felony or an attempt to commit a class A felony;
(ii) Criminal solicitation of or criminal conspiracy to commit a class A felony;
(iii) Manslaughter in the first or second degree;
(iv) Indecent liberties;
(v) Kidnapping in the second degree;
(vi) Arson in the second degree;
(vii) Extortion in the first degree;
(viii) Robbery in the second degree;
(ix) Drive-by shooting; and
(x) Vehicular homicide; or
(f) Any out-of-state, federal, or state conviction for a felony offense that is comparable to an offense listed in subsection (4) of this section; or
(5) The individual applying for a CPI has previously received a CPI and is the alleged perpetrator in a subsequent founded finding of CA/N.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 74.13.720(7). WSR 21-12-014, § 110-05-0015, filed 5/20/21, effective 6/20/21.]
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