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PDFWAC 110-04-0020

What definitions apply to WAC 110-04-0030 through 110-04-0180 of this chapter?

The following definitions apply to WAC 110-04-0030 through 110-04-0180 of this chapter:
"Authorized" or "authorization" means not disqualified by the department to work in a group care facility or have unsupervised access to children. This includes persons who are certified, contracted, allowed to receive payments from department funded programs, or volunteer.
"Certification" means department or child placing agency (CPA) approval of a person, foster home, or facility that is exempt from licensing but meets the licensing requirements.
"Children" means a person who is one of the following:
(a) Under eighteen years old;
(b) Up to twenty-one years of age and pursuing a high school or equivalency course of study (GED/HSEC) or vocational program;
(c) Up to twenty-one years of age and participating in the extended foster care program; or
(d) Up to twenty-five years of age and under the custody of juvenile rehabilitation.
"Civil adjudication proceeding" is a judicial or administrative adjudicative proceeding that results in a finding of, or upholds an agency finding of, domestic violence, abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment, violation of a professional licensing standard regarding a child or vulnerable adult, or exploitation or financial exploitation of a child or vulnerable adult under any provision of law, including but not limited to chapter 13.34, 26.44 or 74.34 RCW, or rules adopted under chapters 18.51 and 74.42 RCW. "Civil adjudication proceeding" also includes judicial or administrative findings that become final due to the failure of the alleged perpetrator to timely exercise a legal right to administratively challenge such findings.
"Department" or "DCYF" means the department of children, youth, and families.
"I" and "you" refers to anyone who has unsupervised access to children in a home, facility, or program. This includes, but is not limited to, persons seeking employment, a volunteer opportunity, an internship, a contract, certification, or a license for a home or facility.
"Licensing division" or "LD" means the licensing division within DCYF. LD licenses and monitors foster homes, child placing agencies, and licensed group care facilities.
"Licensor" means either:
(a) An LD employee who recommends approvals for, or monitors licenses or certifications for facilities and agencies that provide or certify foster family homes or group care facilities under chapters 110-145, 110-147, and 110-148 WAC; or
(b) An employee of a child-placing agency who certifies or monitors foster homes supervised by the child-placing agency.
"Unsupervised" means will not or may not be in the presence of:
(a) The licensee, another employee or volunteer from the same business or organization as the applicant who has not been disqualified by the background check; or
(b) Another individual who has been previously approved by DCYF.
"We" refers to the department, including licensors and caseworkers.
"WSP" refers to the Washington state patrol.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.43.832, 74.13.031, 74.15.030 and P.L. 115-12. WSR 20-05-024, § 110-04-0020, filed 2/7/20, effective 3/9/20. WSR 18-14-078, recodified as § 110-04-0020, filed 6/29/18, effective 7/1/18. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.43.832. WSR 15-03-071, § 388-06A-0020, filed 1/15/15, effective 2/15/15.]
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