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PDFWAC 108-40-050

Corrective action plans.

(1) Corrective action plans must:
(a) Address how the corrective action will be accomplished;
(b) Address how the school will identify and address other deficiencies associated with the corrective action;
(c) Address what measure(s) will be put in place to prevent future occurrence of defect;
(d) Indicate how the school will monitor compliance to assure that solutions are sustained;
(e) Identify person(s) responsible for corrections and sustaining change;
(f) Give the date by which correction will be made; and
(g) Include steps that will be taken to accomplish correction with steps, dates, and supporting evidence that the plan will be carried out as scheduled.
(2) The school may be required to submit progress reports or updated plans in accordance with a schedule specified by the commission.
(3) Commission acceptance of the corrective action plan is at its discretion and does not rule out imposition of other remedies or sanctions.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 27A.710.070 [28A.710.070], 27A.710.180 [28A.710.180], 27A.710.190 [28A.710.190], 27A.710.200 [28A.710.200]. WSR 14-12-065, ยง 108-40-050, filed 6/2/14, effective 7/3/14.]
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