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PDFWAC 108-40-030

Inquiries and site visits.

(1) If the commission deems an inquiry or investigation necessary, it may request access to facilities, data, information, and staff. Charter schools are required to provide access to facilities, data, information, and staff in the manner and time frame requested by the commission.
(2) The commission will consider requests to adjust the manner and time frame for access if the school provides good cause. Failure to provide access as requested is considered a material and substantial violation of the charter school's legal and contractual obligations.
(3) Information about the investigation or inquiry will be provided at the discretion of the commission. One consideration is the possible impact of the disclosure on the inquiry or investigation.
(4) At the point of the inquiry or investigation when the commission has reason to believe that a charter school's performance or legal compliance is unsatisfactory, the commission will:
(a) Promptly notify the school of the perceived problem. Notice will be provided in writing. Depending on the nature of the apparent issue, prompt notice could range from between twenty-four hours to fourteen days;
(b) The school must respond in writing to the perceived problem within ten working days. The commission will consider the response and other evidence and information available and determine whether to take corrective action and/or impose sanctions as necessary; and
(c) If the commission imposes corrective action or sanctions, the school must submit a corrective action plan and/or adhere to sanctions imposed by the commission.
(5) The commission may conduct site visits to charter schools in its portfolio for the purpose of conducting oversight and holding schools accountable.
(6) If circumstances warrant it, the commission may alter the time frames within these rules.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 27A.710.070 [28A.710.070], 27A.710.180 [28A.710.180], 27A.710.190 [28A.710.190], 27A.710.200 [28A.710.200]. WSR 14-12-065, ยง 108-40-030, filed 6/2/14, effective 7/3/14.]
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