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PDFWAC 106-125-005


(1) This student conduct code is adopted by the governing board of Central Washington University as authorized under RCW 28B.35.120. Authority is hereby delegated to the university president and administrative officers to administer and enforce the provisions of this code.
(2) The student conduct code shall apply to student conduct that occurs on university premises and to conduct that occurs at or in connection with university sponsored events, programs, or activities. This code may also apply to other student conduct occurring off campus (or in nonuniversity electronic environments) when the university deems such conduct to threaten safety or security or otherwise adversely impact the university community. Students shall be responsible for their conduct from the time of acceptance for admission or registration through the actual awarding of a degree or other certificate of completion. The university shall have authority to revoke a degree or other certificate of completion based on prohibited student conduct that is found to have occurred before the award of such degree or certificate. Student organizations affiliated with the university may also be sanctioned under this code for the conduct of their student members.
(3) The university shall not be required to stay disciplinary action under this student code pending any criminal or civil proceeding arising from the same conduct that would constitute a violation of this code. Nor shall the disposition of any such criminal or civil proceeding control the outcome of any student disciplinary proceeding.
(4) Nothing in this student code shall be construed as authorizing the university to prohibit or to discipline protected speech or other conduct that is protected by law or constitutional right.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.35.120 and chapter 34.05 RCW. WSR 15-24-054, § 106-125-005, filed 11/23/15, effective 12/24/15.]
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