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Members of the 67th Legislature 2021-2022

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Committee Members
Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources & Parks (7) Van De Wege, Chair (D); Salomon, Vice Chair (D); Warnick; Honeyford; Rolfes; Short; Stanford
Behavioral Health Subcommittee to Health & Long Term Care (5) Dhingra, Chair (D); Wagoner; Frockt; Nobles; Warnick
Business, Financial Services & Trade (7) Mullet, Chair (D); Hasegawa, Vice Chair (D); Dozier; Brown; Frockt; Hobbs; Wilson, L.
Early Learning & K-12 Education (9) Wellman, Chair (D); Nobles, Vice Chair, K-12 (D); Wilson, C., Vice Chair, Early Learning (D); Hawkins; Dozier; Hunt; McCune; Mullet; Pedersen
Environment, Energy & Technology (13) Carlyle, Chair (D); Lovelett, Vice Chair (D); Ericksen; Brown; Das; Fortunato; Hobbs; Liias; Nguyen; Sheldon; Short; Stanford; Wellman
Health & Long Term Care (12) Cleveland, Chair (D); Frockt, Vice Chair (D); Muzzall; Conway; Holy; Keiser; Padden; Randall; Rivers; Robinson; Van De Wege; Wilson, J.
Higher Education & Workforce Development (5) Randall, Chair (D); Nobles, Vice Chair (D); Holy; Ericksen; Liias
Housing & Local Government (9) Kuderer, Chair (D); Das, Vice Chair (D); Fortunato; Gildon; Short; Cleveland; Lovelett; Salomon; Warnick
Human Services, Reentry & Rehabilitation (7) Darneille, Chair (D); Nguyen, Vice Chair (D); Gildon; Dozier; McCune; Saldaña; Wilson, C.
Labor, Commerce & Tribal Affairs (9) Keiser, Chair (D); Conway, Vice Chair, Labor (D); Stanford, Vice Chair, Commerce & Tribal Affairs (D); King; Braun; Honeyford; Robinson; Saldaña; Schoesler
Law & Justice (9) Pedersen, Chair (D); Dhingra, Vice Chair (D); Padden; McCune; Darneille; Holy; Kuderer; Salomon; Wagoner
Rules (16) Keiser, Vice Chair (D); Braun; Billig; Carlyle; Cleveland; Gildon; Hasegawa; King; Kuderer; Liias; Muzzall; Nguyen; Pedersen; Rivers; Short; Wilson, C.
State Government & Elections (5) Hunt, Chair (D); Kuderer, Vice Chair (D); Wilson, J.; Hasegawa; Hawkins
Transportation (15) Hobbs, Chair (D); Saldaña, Vice Chair (D); King; Cleveland; Das; Fortunato; Hawkins; Lovelett; Nguyen; Nobles; Padden; Randall; Sheldon; Wilson, C.; Wilson, J.
Ways & Means (25) Rolfes, Chair (D); Frockt, Vice Chair, Capital (D); Robinson, Vice Chair, Operating & Revenue (D); Wilson, L.; Brown; Honeyford; Schoesler; Braun; Carlyle; Conway; Darneille; Dhingra; Gildon; Hasegawa; Hunt; Keiser; Liias; Mullet; Muzzall; Pedersen; Rivers; Van De Wege; Wagoner; Warnick; Wellman

* denotes Ranking Member
** denotes Asst. Ranking Member
*** denotes Asst. Ranking Member, Operating
**** denotes Asst. Ranking Member, Capital
***** denotes Assistant Ranking Member, Environment
****** denotes Assistant Ranking Member, Energy & Technology
The Lt. Governor is a voting member of the Rules Committee