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Members of the 68th Legislature 2023-2024

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Committee Members Chamber
Agriculture and Natural Resources (11) Chapman, Chair (D); Morgan, Vice Chair (D); Reeves, Vice Chair (D); Dent; Chandler; Kloba; Kretz; Lekanoff; Orcutt; Schmick; Springer H
Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources & Parks (9) Van De Wege, Chair (D); Salomon, Vice Chair (D); Muzzall; Liias; Shewmake; Short; Stanford; Wagoner; Warnick S
Appropriations (31) Ormsby, Chair (D); Bergquist, Vice Chair (D); Gregerson, Vice Chair (D); Macri, Vice Chair (D); Corry; Chambers; Connors; Couture; Berg; Callan; Chandler; Chopp; Davis; Dye; Fitzgibbon; Harris; Lekanoff; Pollet; Riccelli; Rude; Ryu; Sandlin; Schmick; Senn; Simmons; Slatter; Springer; Stokesbary; Stonier; Tharinger; Wilcox H
Business, Financial Services, Gaming & Trade (9) Stanford, Chair (D); Frame, Vice Chair (D); Dozier; Boehnke; Gildon; Hasegawa; Lovick; MacEwen; Mullet S
Capital Budget (29) Tharinger, Chair (D); Callan, Vice Chair (D); Hackney, Vice Chair (D); Abbarno; McClintock; Steele; Alvarado; Bateman; Cheney; Christian; Dye; Eslick; Farivar; Fosse; Kloba; Kretz; Leavitt; Maycumber; McEntire; Morgan; Mosbrucker; Orwall; Peterson; Reed; Rule; Sandlin; Shavers; Stearns; Waters H
Civil Rights & Judiciary (11) Taylor, Chair (D); Farivar, Vice Chair (D); Walsh; Graham; Cheney; Entenman; Goodman; Peterson; Rude; Thai; Walen H
Community Safety, Justice, & Reentry (9) Goodman, Chair (D); Simmons, Vice Chair (D); Mosbrucker; Griffey; Davis; Farivar; Fosse; Graham; Ramos H
Consumer Protection & Business (13) Walen, Chair (D); Reeves, Vice Chair (D); Robertson; McClintock; Chapman; Connors; Corry; Donaghy; Hackney; Ryu; Sandlin; Santos; Volz H
Early Learning & K-12 Education (9) Wellman, Chair (D); Nobles, Vice Chair (D); Wilson, C., Vice Chair (D); Hawkins; Dozier; Hunt; McCune; Mullet; Pedersen S
Education (15) Santos, Chair (D); Shavers, Vice Chair (D); Rude; McEntire; Bergquist; Couture; Eslick; Harris; McClintock; Nance; Ortiz-Self; Pollet; Steele; Stonier; Timmons H
Environment & Energy (15) Doglio, Chair (D); Mena, Vice Chair (D); Dye; Ybarra; Abbarno; Barnard; Berry; Duerr; Fey; Goehner; Lekanoff; Ramel; Sandlin; Slatter; Street H
Environment, Energy & Technology (8) Nguyen, Chair (D); Lovelett, Vice Chair (D); MacEwen; Boehnke; Lovick; Short; Trudeau; Wellman S
Finance (13) Berg, Chair (D); Street, Vice Chair (D); Orcutt; Jacobsen; Barnard; Chopp; Ramel; Santos; Springer; Thai; Walen; Wilcox; Wylie H
Health & Long Term Care (10) Cleveland, Chair (D); Robinson, Vice Chair (D); Rivers; Muzzall; Conway; Dhingra; Holy; Padden; Randall; Van De Wege S
Health Care & Wellness (17) Riccelli, Chair (D); Bateman, Vice Chair (D); Schmick; Hutchins; Bronoske; Caldier; Davis; Graham; Harris; Macri; Maycumber; Mosbrucker; Orwall; Simmons; Stonier; Thai; Tharinger H
Higher Education & Workforce Development (5) Randall, Chair (D); Nobles, Vice Chair (D); Holy; Hansen; Hawkins S
Housing (13) Peterson, Chair (D); Alvarado, Vice Chair (D); Leavitt, Vice Chair (D); Klicker; Connors; Barkis; Bateman; Chopp; Entenman; Hutchins; Low; Reed; Taylor H
Housing (11) Kuderer, Chair (D); Frame, Vice Chair (D); Fortunato; Braun; Cleveland; Gildon; Rivers; Saldaña; Shewmake; Trudeau; Wilson, J. S
Human Services (7) Wilson, C., Chair (D); Kauffman, Vice Chair (D); Boehnke; Frame; Nguyen; Warnick; Wilson, J. S
Human Services, Youth, & Early Learning (11) Senn, Chair (D); Cortes, Vice Chair (D); Rule, Vice Chair (D); Eslick; Couture; Callan; Dent; Goodman; Ortiz-Self; Taylor; Walsh H
Innovation, Community & Economic Development, & Veterans (15) Ryu, Chair (D); Donaghy, Vice Chair (D); Rule, Vice Chair (D); Volz; Barnard; Caldier; Chambers; Christian; Cortes; Paul; Senn; Shavers; Street; Waters; Ybarra H
Labor & Commerce (9) Keiser, Chair (D); Conway, Vice Chair (D); Saldaña, Vice Chair (D); King; Braun; Hansen; MacEwen; Schoesler; Stanford S
Labor & Workplace Standards (9) Berry, Chair (D); Fosse, Vice Chair (D); Schmidt; Abbarno; Bronoske; Doglio; Ormsby; Ortiz-Self; Wilcox H
Law & Justice (11) Dhingra, Chair (D); Trudeau, Vice Chair (D); Padden; Kuderer; McCune; Pedersen; Salomon; Torres; Valdez; Wagoner; Wilson, L. S
Local Government (7) Duerr, Chair (D); Alvarado, Vice Chair (D); Goehner; Jacobsen; Berg; Griffey; Riccelli H
Local Government, Land Use & Tribal Affairs (5) Lovelett, Chair (D); Salomon, Vice Chair (D); Torres; Kauffman; Short S
Postsecondary Education & Workforce (15) Slatter, Chair (D); Entenman, Vice Chair (D); Reed, Vice Chair (D); Ybarra; Waters; Chandler; Jacobsen; Klicker; Leavitt; McEntire; Nance; Paul; Pollet; Schmidt; Timmons H
Regulated Substances & Gaming (11) Kloba, Co-Chair (D); Wylie, Co-Chair (D); Stearns, Vice Chair (D); Chambers; Robertson; Caldier; Cheney; Morgan; Orwall; Reeves; Waters H
Rules (24) Jinkins, Chair (D); Bergquist; Davis; Fitzgibbon; Goehner; Gregerson; Harris; Jacobsen; Leavitt; Lekanoff; Low; Maycumber; Morgan; Ortiz-Self; Orwall; Pollet; Ramel; Schmidt; Simmons; Springer; Steele; Stokesbary; Stonier; Walsh H
Rules (16) Keiser, Vice Chair (D); Braun; Billig; Cleveland; Gildon; Hasegawa; King; Kuderer; Lovick; Muzzall; Pedersen; Rivers; Saldaña; Salomon; Short; Wilson, C. S
State Government & Elections (7) Hunt, Chair (D); Valdez, Vice Chair (D); Wilson, J.; Dozier; Fortunato; Hasegawa; Kuderer S
State Government & Tribal Relations (7) Ramos, Chair (D); Stearns, Vice Chair (D); Cheney; Christian; Gregerson; Low; Mena H
Transportation (29) Fey, Chair (D); Donaghy, Vice Chair (D); Paul, Vice Chair (D); Timmons, Vice Chair (D); Barkis; Hutchins; Low; Robertson; Berry; Bronoske; Chapman; Cortes; Dent; Doglio; Duerr; Entenman; Goehner; Griffey; Hackney; Klicker; Mena; Nance; Orcutt; Ramel; Ramos; Schmidt; Volz; Walsh; Wylie H
Transportation (17) Liias, Chair (D); Lovick, Vice Chair (D); Shewmake, Vice Chair (D); King; Holy; Cleveland; Fortunato; Hansen; Hawkins; Kauffman; Lovelett; MacEwen; Nobles; Padden; Valdez; Wilson, C.; Wilson, J. S
Ways & Means (24) Robinson, Chair (D); Mullet, Vice Chair, Capital (D); Nguyen, Vice Chair, Operating (D); Wilson, L.; Gildon; Schoesler; Rivers; Warnick; Billig; Boehnke; Braun; Conway; Dhingra; Hasegawa; Hunt; Keiser; Muzzall; Pedersen; Randall; Saldaña; Torres; Van De Wege; Wagoner; Wellman S

* denotes Ranking Minority Member
** denotes Assistant Ranking Minority Member
* denotes Ranking Member
** denotes Ranking Member, Operating
*** denotes Ranking Member, Capital
**** denotes Asst. Ranking Member
***** denotes Asst. Ranking Member Operating
****** denotes Asst. Ranking Member Capital
The Lt. Governor is a voting member of the Rules Committee