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Close Note: This page consolidates, and makes available electronically, reports to the Legislature from January 1, 2008 to date. These reports come from a variety of sources and the Legislature makes no claim as to the timeliness or comprehensiveness of the list. If you have or are aware of additional reports during this time frame, please send them to the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives or the Secretary of the Senate.

Reports to the Legislature by the Washington State Institute for Public Policy, the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee, and the State Auditor's Office can be accessed at:
JLARC: Audit and Study Reports
SAO: Reports
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Organization Name RCW Bill Exec. Order Report Title Report Date
Professional Educator Standards Board SB 6726 (2007-08)  (18k) Washington Prospective Teacher Assessment System: 2007-2008 Results (774k) 12/1/2008
Professional Educator Standards Board and Public Instruction, Office of the Superintendent of SSB 6743 (2007-08)  (21k) Autism Awareness: Recommendations for Teacher Preparation and Professional Development (3.6MB) 12/1/2008
Community, Trade & Economic Development, Department of ESHB 2687 (2007-08)  (1.5MB) Washington New Americans Program Report on Program Outcomes and Performance Measures (5.0MB) 12/1/2008
Economic Development Commission SB 5995 (2009-10)  (549k) The Washington Innovation Economy, New Economic Strategy for Prosperity (1.9MB) 2/1/2009
Agriculture, Department of ESHB 2687 (2007-08)  (1.5MB) Energy Freedom Loan Program Update (127k) 11/1/2008
Agriculture, Department of 15.58.420 Pesticide Investigations and Enforcement, 2008 Annual Report (778k) 2/1/2009
Assessment of Student Learning Workgroup, State ESHB 2687 (2007-08)  (1.5MB) State Assessment Workgroup Final Report (78k) 12/30/2008
Auditor's Office, Washington State 43.09.470 Performance Audit Report School Districts' Administration and Support Services, No. 1000013 (8.7MB) 9/30/2008
Auditor's Office, Washington State 80.50.071 Performance Audit Report Collection of State Debt, No. 1000012 (1.0MB) 8/12/2008
Auditor's Office, Washington State 28A.343.400 Performance Audit Report School District Travel Practices, No. 1000131 (6.9MB) 11/12/2008
Auditor's Office, Washington State ESSB 6839 (2005-06)  (66k) Performance Audit Report Washington Department of Transportation Highway Maintenance and Construction Management, No. 1000009 (2.8MB) 1/10/2008
Beer & Wine Regulation, Joint Select Committee on SCR 8407 (2007-08)  (7k) Final Report from the Joint Select Committee on Beer & Wine Regulation (546k) 2/6/2009
Ecology, Department of ESHB 2765 (2007-08)  (414k) Small Community Wastewater Case Studies and Recommendations (2.7MB) 11/1/2008
Ecology, Department of ESHB 2765 (2007-08)  (414k) Wastewater Regionalization (265k) 11/1/2008
Financial Management, Office of 47.01.071 Governor's Container Ports Initiative: Recommendations of the Container Ports and Land Use Work Group (1002k) 1/1/2009
Legislative Evaluation and Accountability Program (LEAP) 43.70.250 2008 Supplemental Omnibus Operating Budget, Health Professionals & Facilities Fees, New Fees & Fee Increases Approved by the 2008 Legislature (1.7MB) 9/15/2008
Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) 2SHB 3274 (2007-08)  (50k) Personal Services Contracting Manual for Washington Ports (901k) 1/1/2009
Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) 42.30 Open Public Meetings Act (306k) 5/1/2008
Puget Sound Regional Council SSB 5207 (2007-08)  (21k) Freight Investment Study Final Report (2.5MB) 1/1/2009
School Construction Funding, Joint Legislative Task Force on ESHB 1092 (2007-08)  (736k) School Construction Funding Final Report (128k) 12/1/2008
Transportation Committee, Joint SHB 1694 (2007-08)  (49k) Special Needs Transportation Coordination Final Report (1.7MB) 1/1/2009
Transportation Committee, Joint 47.10 Financial Assumptions and Cash Management Study (1.7MB) 10/7/2008
Transportation, Department of, Ferries Division ESHB 1094 (2007-08)  (411k) Management and Support Operating Costs Final Report Financing Study II (1.7MB) 7/8/2008
Transportation, Department of, Ferries Division ESHB 1094 (2007-08)  (411k) Non-Labor, Non-Fuel Operating Cost Final Report Financing Study II (1.7MB) 7/8/2008
Transportation, Department of, Ferries Division ESHB 2358 (2007-08)  (39k) Systemwide Capital Projects Final Report Financing Study II (1.7MB) 7/8/2008
Transportation, Department of, Ferries Division ESHB 1094 (2007-08)  (411k) Captial Program Staffing & Administration Cost Final Report Financing Study II (1.7MB) 4/10/2008
Transportation, Department of, Ferries Division ESHB 2358 (2007-08)  (39k) Auto-Passenger Vessel Preservation & Replacement Draft Report Financing Study II (1.7MB) 12/7/2007
Early Learning, Department of 43.215.020 Strategic Plan for 2009-2013 (815k) 12/1/2008
Early Learning, Department of 43.215.080 DEL Biennial Report to the Legislature and Longitudinal Study Plan (64k) 7/1/2008
Early Learning, Department of ESHB 2687 (2007-08)  (1.5MB) Report to the Governor and Legislature (9.4MB) 12/15/2008
Health, Department of and Licensing, Department of 43.70.270 Implementing a Military Abeyance Process for Licenses (88k) 10/1/2008
Long-Term Care Residential Facility Payment Systems, Joint Legislative Task Force on SHB 1128 (2007-08)  (1.5MB) Long-Term Care Residential Facility Payment Systems (100k) 1/11/2008
Natural Resources, Department of 76.06.150 SB 6141 (2007-08)  (5k) Forest Health Implementation Status Report & Strategy Development (1.8MB) 1/6/2009
Salmon Recovery, Governor’s Office of 77.85 Salmon Recovery Plan Implementation (1.2MB) 12/1/2008
Transportation Commission ESHB 1094 (2007-08)  (411k) Long-Term Ferry Funding Study (132k) 11/18/2008
Lieutenant Governor, Office of the 44.04 Legislative International Trade Account (LITA) Donations & Dispersements for 2008 (558k) 7/3/2008
Public Instruction, Office of the Superintendent of HB 2679 (2007-08)  (18k) Students in Foster Care, 2008 Annual Report (191k) 2/1/2009
Oil Spill Advisory Council, Washington State 90.56.210 Assessment of Capacity in Washington State to Respond to Large-Scale Marine Oil Spills (1018k) 2/1/2009
Social & Economic Sciences Research Center, Puget Sound Division (SESRC) 9A.36.080 Bullying in Washington Schools: Update 2008 (685k) 9/1/2008
Social & Economic Sciences Research Center, Puget Sound Division (SESRC) 2SHB 1906 (2007-08)  (73k) Mathematics Instructional Coaching: Interim Report (264k) 9/1/2008
Corrections, Department of SSB 6244 (2007-08)  (8k) Community Custody Violator Capacity and Cost/Benefit Analysis (143k) 11/1/2008
Social & Health Services, Department of ESSB 6386 (2005-06)  (1.1MB) Consideration of a Differntial Response in Washington State's Child Protection System (160k) 3/1/2008
Community & Technical Colleges, State Board for (SBCTC) HB 2319 (2007-08)  (9k) Early Learning Report for 2008 (558k) 12/1/2008
Corrections, Department of, and Community & Technical Colleges, State Board for ESSB 6157 (2007-08)  (197k) Offender Education Report (128k) 7/1/2008
Financial Management, Office of 43.88.160 Audit Resolution, 2008 Report (191k) 12/1/2008
Health, Department of ESSB 6032 (2007-08)  (29k) Patient Access to Medical Marijuana in Washington State (1.7MB) 7/1/2008
Health, Department of 18.130.310 Health Professions Quality Assurance and Regulatory Activities 2005-2007 Biennial Report (1.1MB) 6/1/2008
Public Employment Relations Commission 41.58.010 Public Employment Relations Commission Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2008, 33rd Annual Report (498k) 11/18/2008
Revenue, Department of 82.32.534 Descriptive Statistics for Tax Incentive Programs,Covering Calendar Year 2007 Activity (1.7MB) 9/1/2008
Revenue, Department of 82.14.470 Hospital Benefit Zone Financing Report, 2008 Report covering Calendar Year 2007 (3.4MB) 6/19/2008

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