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Close Note: This page consolidates, and makes available electronically, reports to the Legislature from January 1, 2008 to date. These reports come from a variety of sources and the Legislature makes no claim as to the timeliness or comprehensiveness of the list. If you have or are aware of additional reports during this time frame, please send them to the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives or the Secretary of the Senate.

Reports to the Legislature by the Washington State Institute for Public Policy, the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee, and the State Auditor's Office can be accessed at:
JLARC: Audit and Study Reports
SAO: Reports
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Organization Name RCW Bill Exec. Order Report Title Report Date
Ecology, Department of 90.90.040 Columbia River Basin Water Supply Inventory Report, 2008 (5.4MB) 12/1/2008
Ecology, Department of 90.82.043 Progress on Watershed Planning and Setting Instream Flows (2.5MB) 12/1/2008
Ecology, Department of, and Walla Walla County 90.03 Proposal for a Pilot Local Water Management Program in the Walla Walla Basin (899k) 12/1/2008
Community, Trade & Economic Development, Department of HB 3120 (2007-08)  (12k) An Analysis of Green Building Tax Incentives (5.0MB) 12/1/2008
Social & Health Services, Department of E2SSB 5763 (2005-06)  (335k) Co-occurring Disorders Among DSHS Clients (226k) 12/1/2008
Ecology, Department of 70.95C Toxics Reduction Advisory Committee Findings and Recommendations (324k) 12/1/2008
Ecology, Department of 70.76 Alternatives to Deca-BDE in Televisions, Computers, and Residential Upholstered Furniture (8.4MB) 12/1/2008
Ecology, Department of 90.80.150 Water Conservancy Boards, 2008 Report (1.8MB) 12/1/2008
Social & Health Services, Department of, Health Care Authority, Department of Health 43.70.533 E2SHB 2549 (2007-08)  (17k) Payment Options and Learning Collaborative Work In Support of Primary Care Medical Homes (565k) 12/15/2008
Early Learning, Department of ESHB 2687 (2007-08)  (1.5MB) Report to the Governor and Legislature (9.4MB) 12/15/2008
Auditor's Office, Washington State 43.17 Performance Audit Report Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, No. 1000351 (546k) 12/23/2008
Disability Issues and Employment, Governor's Committee on & General Administration, Department of 43.19.531 The Vendor in Good Standing Program (1.4MB) 12/30/2008
Assessment of Student Learning Workgroup, State ESHB 2687 (2007-08)  (1.5MB) State Assessment Workgroup Final Report (78k) 12/30/2008
Attorney General, Office of the HB 1461 (2007-08)  (43k) Manufactured Housing Dispute Resolution Program (1.1MB) 12/31/2008
Health Care Authority SB 5841 (2007-08)  (26k) Disease Management Strategies in Washington State Final Status Report (1.7MB) 1/1/2009
Public Instruction, Office of the Superintendent of 28A.320 SB 5843 (2007-08)  (16k) K-12 Data Feasibility Study Report (293k) 1/1/2009
Corrections, Department of SSB 6400 (2007-08)  (17k) Moral Guidance of Incarcerated Persons (1.9MB) 1/1/2009
Corrections, Department of SSB 6400 (2007-08)  (17k) Revised Sub-Committee Report on Moral Guidance of Incarcerated Persons (127k) 1/1/2009
Puget Sound Regional Council SSB 5207 (2007-08)  (21k) Freight Investment Study Final Report (2.5MB) 1/1/2009
Transportation Committee, Joint SHB 1694 (2007-08)  (49k) Special Needs Transportation Coordination Final Report (1.7MB) 1/1/2009
Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) 2SHB 3274 (2007-08)  (50k) Personal Services Contracting Manual for Washington Ports (901k) 1/1/2009
Financial Management, Office of 47.01.071 Governor's Container Ports Initiative: Recommendations of the Container Ports and Land Use Work Group (1002k) 1/1/2009
Social & Health Services, Department of ESHB 2687 (2007-08)  (1.5MB) Examining Processes and Systems to Expeditiously Link Persons Released from Correctional Facility and Institutional Confinement to Medical Assistance Prior to Release (2.0MB) 1/1/2009
Health, Department of SSB 6340 (2007-08)  (12k) Water System Acquisition and Rehabilitation Program (565k) 1/1/2009
Health, Department of 70.122.130 2SHB 2342 (2005-06)  (31k) Living Will Registry (3.1MB) 1/1/2009
Health, Department of 70.170.060 Charity Care in Washington Hospitals for 2006 (230k) 1/1/2009
Ecology, Department of 90.48 Reclaimed Water Use Implementation, 2008 Report (3.7MB) 1/1/2009
Natural Resources, Department of 76.06.150 SB 6141 (2007-08)  (5k) Forest Health Implementation Status Report & Strategy Development (1.8MB) 1/6/2009
Corrections, Department of ESSB 6157 (2007-08)  (197k) Reentry Services (226k) 1/13/2009
Basic Education Finance, Joint Task Force on SB 5627 (2007-08)  (14k) Final Report of the Joint Task Force on Basic Education Finance (107k) 1/14/2009
Oil Spill Advisory Council, Washington State 90.56.210 Assessment of Capacity in Washington State to Respond to Large-Scale Marine Oil Spills (1018k) 2/1/2009
Public Instruction, Office of the Superintendent of HB 2679 (2007-08)  (18k) Students in Foster Care, 2008 Annual Report (191k) 2/1/2009
Agriculture, Department of 15.58.420 Pesticide Investigations and Enforcement, 2008 Annual Report (778k) 2/1/2009
Economic Development Commission SB 5995 (2009-10)  (549k) The Washington Innovation Economy, New Economic Strategy for Prosperity (1.9MB) 2/1/2009
Labor and Industries, Department of 43.22.331 Targeting Fraud and Abuse In Washington State's Workers' Compensation System (571k) 2/1/2009
Beer & Wine Regulation, Joint Select Committee on SCR 8407 (2007-08)  (7k) Final Report from the Joint Select Committee on Beer & Wine Regulation (546k) 2/6/2009
Ecology, Department of SSB 6231 (2007-08)  (11k) Implementing Washington's Ocean Action Plan, 2008 Report (246k) 2/9/2009
Social & Health Services, Department of ESHB 2687 (2007-08)  (1.5MB) Expanded Community Services Proviso February 2009 (241k) 2/15/2009
Ecology, Department of 70.95.545 Tire Recycling and Reuse in 2007 and Tire Pile Cleanup Status for 2008 (1.2MB) 3/1/2009
Labor and Industries, Department of 43.22.331 Worker's Compensation Fraud Report FY 2009 First Quarter (July through Sept 2008) (162k) 3/16/2009
Corrections, Department of 72.10.020 Copayment Data Fiscal Year 2008 (57k) 3/17/2009
Oil Spill Advisory Council, Washington State 90.56.210 Policy Recommendations to Improve Capacity (802k) 4/1/2009
Ecology, Department of 70.105D Model Toxics Control Account -- FY 2007 Report (4.0MB) 4/1/2009
Health, Department of 3SHB 1458 (2005-06)  (28k) Puget Sound Local On-site Sewage Management Plans (4.5MB) 5/1/2009
Social & Health Services, Department of ESSB 6099 (2007-08)  (29k) Services to Persons with Developmental Disabilities who are Discharged or Diverted from State Hospitals or Individuals with Community Protection Issues, 7th Quarter (770k) 5/15/2009
Insurance Commissioner, Office of the SHB 1233 (2007-08)  (28k) Fixed Payment Insurance (284k) 6/1/2009
Economic Development Commission 43.330.280 IRT Performance Measures (192k) 6/1/2009
Insurance Commissioner, Office of the 48.43.650 Fixed Payment Insurance (286k) 6/1/2009
Revenue, Department of 82.14.470 Hospital Benefit Zone Financing Report, 2009 Report covering Calendar Year 2008 (246k) 6/1/2009
Health, Department of 2SHB 1106 (2007-08)  (35k) Ambulatory Surgical Facilities Infections Stakeholder Group Report (233k) 6/1/2009

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