Reports to the Legislature
Close Note: This page consolidates, and makes available electronically, reports to the Legislature from January 1, 2008 to date. These reports come from a variety of sources and the Legislature makes no claim as to the timeliness or comprehensiveness of the list. If you have or are aware of additional reports during this time frame, please send them to the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives or the Secretary of the Senate.

Reports to the Legislature by the Washington State Institute for Public Policy, the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee, and the State Auditor's Office can be accessed at:
JLARC: Audit and Study Reports
SAO: Reports
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Organization Name RCW Bill Exec. Order Report Title Report Date
Social & Health Services, Department of ESHB 1109 (2017-18)  (101k) Improving Inpatient and Staff Safety in State Hospitals -- Status Report (301k) 12/1/2019
Social & Health Services, Department of 74.04.535 Basic Food Employment and Training Program (BFET) Expansion, 2019 Report (469k) 11/1/2019
Transportation, Department of ESSB 6106 (2017-18)  (1.5MB) Toll Division Proviso Report, July - September 2019 (1.2MB) 12/1/2019
Agriculture, Department of ESHB 1109 (2019-20)  (4.1MB) Gap Analysis and Sustainable Farms Budget Proviso (3.0MB) 11/30/2019
Conservation Commission, Washington State ESHB 1109 (2019-20)  (4.1MB) Gap Analysis and Sustainable Farms Budget Proviso (3.0MB) 11/30/2019
Health Care Authority 70.320.050 Service Coordination Organization and Managed Care Performance Measure Report, Accountability Implementation Status, 2019 (1.1MB) 12/1/2019
Health Care Authority E2SSB 5432 (2019-20)  (1.1MB) Long-Term Behavioral Health Inpatient Involuntary Care, Access, Purchasing, and Bidirectional Integration (1.4MB) 12/15/2019
University of Washington SSB 5883 (2017-18)  (6.5MB) Mobile Observations of Ultrafine Particles: The MOV-UP Study Report (27.1MB) 12/1/2019
Health Care Authority ESHB 1311 (2011-12)  (33k) Bree Collaborative Annual Report for 2019 (1.7MB) 11/15/2019
Corrections, Department of SSB 5443 (2019-20)  (146k) Use of Secured-Internet to Expand Postsecondary Education Opportunities to Enhance Public Safety (1.9MB) 12/4/2019
Professional Educator Standards Board 28A.660.020 Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification (473k) 12/1/2019
Puget Sound Partnership 90.71.200 State of the Sound (9.3MB) 12/2/2019
Corrections, Department of ESHB 1109 (2019-20)  (4.1MB) Nurse Staffing, 2019 Report to the Legislature (1023k) 12/1/2019
Enterprise Services, Department of SHB 1102 (2019-20)  (2.0MB) Campus-wide Electrical Service Panels -- Arc Flash Study Preliminary Report (547k) 11/30/2019
Commerce, Department of ESSB 6095 (2017-18)  (2.3MB) Interbay Public Development Advisory Committee Recommendations and Implementation Plan (1.5MB) 11/15/2019
Commerce, Department of SHB 2101 (2017-18)  (19k) Sexual Assault Response: Increasing Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Availability and Access Statewide (2.3MB) 11/15/2019
Financial Management, Office of ESHB 1160 (2019-20)  (1.2MB) Credit Card Cost Recovery, Attachment 1, Volumes (353k) 10/30/2019
Financial Management, Office of ESHB 1160 (2019-20)  (1.2MB) Credit Card Cost Recovery, Attachment 2, State Agency Fiscal Analysis (204k) 10/30/2019
Health Care Authority SHB 1907 (2019-20)  (392k) Addendum to the Designated Crisis Responder (DCR) Statewide Protocols (102k) 12/1/2019
Natural Resources, Department of SHB 1102 (2019-20)  (2.0MB) Trust Lands Performance Assessments: Maximizing Opportunities, 2019 Report (876k) 12/1/2019
Recreation and Conservation Office ESHB 1109 (2017-18)  (101k) Nason Ridge Community Forest Management Plan (6.5MB) 11/25/2019
Sexual Assault Programs, Washington Coalition of HB 1742 (2019-20)  (101k) Addressing Harm Caused in the Exchange of Intimate Images by Minors, 2019 Report (590k) 12/1/2019
Sheriffs and Police Chiefs, Washington Association of 2SHB 1767 (2019-20)  (74k) Arrest and Jail Alternatives -- Law Enforcement Grant Program, 2019 Report (1.0MB) 12/2/2019
Transportation, Department of ESHB 1160 (2019-20)  (1.2MB) Interstate Bridge Replacement Project, December 2019 Progress Report (1.5MB) 12/1/2019
University of Washington SSB 6514 (2017-18)  (51k) Suicide Prevention Training, Behavioral Health Services and Awareness Raising among Washington State Postsecondary Education Institutions (830k) 12/1/2019
Developmental Disabilities - Residential Habilitation Center Workgroup ESHB 1109 (2019-20)  (4.1MB) Rethinking Intellectual and Developmental Disability Policy to Empower Clients, Develop Providers, and Improve Services (1.2MB) 12/1/2019
Ecology, Department of ESSB 6095 (2017-18)  (2.3MB) Upper Skagit Water Resource Studies (1.1MB) 11/30/2019
Ecology, Department of 70.105D.030 Model Toxics Control Accounts (MTCA) Report of Expenditures for the 2017-2019 Biennium (12.7MB) 12/1/2019
Financial Management, Office of ESHB 1109 (2019-20)  (4.1MB) Primary Care Expenditures, Summary of current primary care expenditures and investment in Washington (546k) 11/27/2019
Hatchery Spending and Project, Joint Legislative Task Force ESHB 1109 (2019-20)  (4.1MB) Joint Legislative Hatchery Spending and Project Task Force Final Report (262k) 11/22/2019
Health Care Authority ESHB 1109 (2019-20)  (4.1MB) Washington Autism Alliance and Advocacy Final Report (488k) 12/15/2019
Health Care Authority ESHB 1109 (2019-20)  (4.1MB) Jail Transition Services, 2019 Report (603k) 12/1/2019
Independent Colleges of Washington 28B.10.285 Washington Student Loan Transparency Act Compliance Report, 2019 (1.9MB) 11/27/2019
Public Instruction, Office of the Superintendent of 28A.400.007 Staffing Enrichment Workgroup Recommendations, 2019 (945k) 12/1/2019
Public Instruction, Office of the Superintendent of 28A.235.290 Schools Implementing the Community Eligibility Provision, 2019 Report (281k) 12/1/2019
Public Instruction, Office of the Superintendent of 28A.150.392 Special Education Safety Net Survey, 2019 (401k) 12/1/2019
Public Instruction, Office of the Superintendent of 28A.655.075 Educational Technology Assessments, 2018-19 Update (289k) 12/1/2019
Public Instruction, Office of the Superintendent of 28A.160.117 School Transportation Efficiency, 2019 Report (472k) 12/1/2019
Public Instruction, Office of the Superintendent of 28A.300.490 Gangs in Schools Task Force, 2019 Update (261k) 12/1/2019
Revenue, Department of ESHB 1109 (2019-20)  (4.1MB) Fair Report, 2019 (1.3MB) 11/27/2019
Transportation, Department of 47.56.880 I-405 Express Toll Lanes: 45 Months of Operations, October 2015 - June 2019 (1.1MB) 12/1/2019
Utilities and Transportation Commission ESHB 1109 (2019-20)  (4.1MB) Stakeholder Wrok Group Discussions and Recommended Improvements to the Washington Underground Utilities Damage Prevention Act (919k) 11/27/2019
Water Resource Mitigation, Joint Legislative Task Force on ESSB 6091 (2017-18)  (207k) Joint Legislative Task Force on Water Resource Mitigation 2019 Report (464k) 11/22/2019
Commerce, Department of 43.185C.040 Homeless Housing Crisis Response System Strategic Plan 2019-2024 (1.1MB) 11/30/2019
Health Care Authority 74.09.495 Access to Behavioral Health Services for Children, 2019 Report (1.4MB) 12/1/2019
Social & Health Services, Department of ESHB 1109 (2019-20)  (4.1MB) Recommendations for Implementation of an Asset Verification System (289k) 12/1/2019
Social & Health Services, Department of ESHB 1109 (2019-20)  (4.1MB) Asset Verification System Feasibility Study (1.3MB) 10/10/2019
Transportation, Department of 47.66 Public Transportation Mobility Report for 2019 (5.1MB) 11/30/2019
Transportation, Department of 47.01.435 Pre-Apprentice Support Services and On-the-Job Training Support Services Program, 2019 Report (809k) 12/1/2019
Children, Youth, and Families, Department of 74.13.621 Kinship Care Oversight Committee 2019 Report (886k) 12/1/2019

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