Chapter 69.50 RCW


Schedule I.
Medical assistanceDrug-related overdoseProsecution for possession.
Marijuana producer's license.
Application for license.
Denial of applicationOpportunity for hearing.
State liquor and cannabis board may adopt rules.
State liquor and cannabis boardRulesProcedures and criteria.
Retail outlet licenses.
Retail outletsRules. (Effective July 1, 2016.)
Marijuana retailers, employees of retail outletsCertain acts not criminal or civil offenses.
Marijuana processors, employeesCertain acts not criminal or civil offenses.
Marijuana producers, employeesCertain acts not criminal or civil offenses.
Marijuana producers, processors, researchers, retailersAdvertisementsPenalty.
Marijuana research license.
Marijuana retailersMedical marijuana endorsement.
Marijuana retailer holding medical marijuana endorsementTHC concentration in products.
Marijuana producers, processors, retailers prohibited from making certain sales of marijuana, marijuana products.
Common carriersTransportation or delivery of marijuana, useable marijuana, marijuana concentrates, and marijuana-infused productsEmployees prohibited from carrying or using firearm during such servicesExceptionsUse of state ferry routes.
Common carriersLicensingState liquor and cannabis board to adopt rules.
Licensed retailers prohibited from operating vending machines, drive-through purchase facilities for the sale of marijuana products.
Prohibited acts: APenalties.
Possession of controlled substancePenaltyPossession of useable marijuana, marijuana concentrates, or marijuana-infused products.
Possession of forty grams or less of marijuanaPenalty.
Additional fine for certain felony violations.
Violations committed in or on certain public places or facilitiesAdditional penaltyDefensesConstructionDefinitions.
Cathinone or methcathinoneAdditional fine.
Opening package of or consuming marijuana, useable marijuana, marijuana-infused products, or marijuana concentrates in view of general public or public placePenalty.
Butane or other explosive gases.
Synthetic cannabinoidsUnfair or deceptive practice under RCW 19.86.020.
Cathinone or methcathinoneUnfair or deceptive practice under RCW 19.86.020.
Conducting or maintaining marijuana clubPenalty.
Dedicated marijuana account.
Marijuana excise taxState liquor and cannabis board to review tax levelReportsState and federal antitrust laws.
Dedicated marijuana accountAppropriations.
Taxes, fees, assessments, chargesCommercial activities covered by marijuana agreement between state and tribe.
Controlled purchase programsPersons under age twenty-oneViolationCriminal penaltyExceptions.
Unpaid trust fund taxesLimited liability business entitiesLiability of responsible individualsAdministrative hearing.
Bundled transactionsRetail salesSubject to taxException.
Cannabis health and beauty aids.
Applicants for marijuana producer's, processor's, researcher's, or retailer's licensesSignagePublic notice requirements.
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