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Assessment procedureNotice of filing roll.

The treasurer receiving such certified copy of the assessment roll and judgment shall immediately give notice thereof by publishing such notice at least once in the official newspaper or newspapers of such county, if such newspaper or newspapers there be; and if there be no such official newspaper, then by publishing such notice in some newspaper of general circulation in the county. Such notice may be in substantially the following form:
Public notice is hereby given that the superior court of . . . . . . county, State of Washington, has rendered judgment for a special assessment upon property benefited by the following improvement (here insert the character and location of the improvement in general terms) as will more fully appear from the certified copy of the assessment roll on file in my office, and that the undersigned is authorized to collect such assessments. All persons interested are hereby notified that they can pay the amounts assessed, or any part thereof, without interest, at my office (here insert location of office) within sixty days from the date hereof.
Dated this . . . . day of . . . . . . A.D. (year) . . . .
. . . .
Treasurer of . . . .
county, Washington."
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