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AppealReview of a claim of impairment. (Expires June 30, 2021.)

(1) Any person not party to the local water plan and aggrieved by the director's decision may appeal the decision to the pollution control hearings board as provided under RCW 43.21B.230.
(2) A water rights holder who believes the holder's water right has been impaired by any action under this chapter may request that the department review the impairment claim. If the department determines that some action under this chapter is impairing existing rights, the department, the board, and the water users must amend the local water plan to eliminate the impairment. Any decision of the department to alter or not alter a local water plan is appealable to the pollution control hearings board under RCW 43.21B.230.


Expiration date2019 c 78; 2009 c 183: See note following RCW 90.92.010.
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