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Composition of boardMembers' termsPolicy advisory groupConflicts of interest. (Expires June 30, 2021.)

(1)(a) Each board must be composed of the following members:
(i) All affected federally recognized tribes within the planning area will be invited to participate and may appoint one member each;
(ii) The following entities must each appoint one member:
(A) Each county board of commissioners within the planning area;
(B) The city council of the largest Washington city in the planning area; and
(C) The board of directors of the entity or the person who uses the greatest quantity of water in the planning area;
(iii) The conservation districts' board of supervisors in the planning area must jointly appoint one member; and
(iv) The members under (a)(i) through (iii) of this subsection must appoint the remaining three members of the board. These three members must be residents of the planning area. One member must be a planning area water rights holder. One member must represent environmental interests in the planning area. One member must be a citizen at large.
(b) If for any reason one of the required governments or entities to be represented on the board declines to participate, the remaining board members may invite another local government within the planning area to join the board.
(2) Each member of the board serves a two-year term and may be reappointed for an additional term. Members may continue to serve on the board until a new appointment is made.
(3) The board must create a policy advisory group and a water resource panel.
(a) For the policy advisory group, the board must invite participation from the department and the department of fish and wildlife, other affected state agencies, and other interests as appropriate. The board may also appoint members from local government agencies, academia, watershed and salmon recovery entities, businesses, and agricultural and environmental organizations as the board deems appropriate.
(b) The policy advisory group must assist and advise the board in coordinating and developing water resource-related programs, planning, and activities within the planning area, including the coordination of efforts with all jurisdictions of the planning area and development of the board's strategic actions.
(c) For the water resource panel, the board must appoint members to the water resource panel who have expertise and understanding regarding surface water and groundwater monitoring and hydrological analysis, irrigation management and engineering, water rights, and fisheries habitat and economic development. The board must invite participation from the department and the department of fish and wildlife.
(d) The water resource panel must provide technical assistance for the development of the local water plans and provide advice to the board on the criteria for establishment of local water plans and the approval, denial, or modification of the local water plans.
(4) A board member, employee, or contractor may not engage in any act that is in conflict with the proper discharge of their official duties. Such conflicts of interest include, but are not limited to, holding a financial interest in a matter before the board.


Expiration date2019 c 78; 2009 c 183: See note following RCW 90.92.010.
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