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Petition to conduct an adjudication to determine rights to water.

Upon the filing of a petition with the department by a planning unit or by one or more persons claiming a right to any waters within the state or when, after investigation, in the judgment of the department, the public interest will be served by a determination of the rights thereto, the department shall file a petition to conduct an adjudication with the superior court of the county for the determination of the rights of appropriators of any particular groundwater body and all the provisions of RCW 90.03.110 through 90.03.240 and 90.03.620 through 90.03.645, shall govern and apply to the adjudication and determination of such groundwater body and to the ownership thereof. Hereafter, in any proceedings for the adjudication and determination of water rightseither rights to the use of surface water or to the use of groundwater, or bothpursuant to chapter 90.03 RCW, all appropriators of groundwater or of surface water in the particular basin or area may be included as parties to such adjudication, as set forth in chapter 90.03 RCW.
[ 2009 c 332 § 17; 1987 c 109 § 119; 1945 c 263 § 17; Rem. Supp. 1945 § 7400-17.]


Application2009 c 332: See note following RCW 90.03.110.
PurposeShort titleConstructionRulesSeverabilityCaptions1987 c 109: See notes following RCW 43.21B.001.
Additional powers and duties enumeratedPayment from reclamation account: RCW 89.16.055.
Application of RCW sections to specific proceedings: RCW 90.14.200.
Determination of water rights
scope: RCW 90.03.245.
state to bear its expenses incurred in and on appeal: RCW 90.03.243.
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