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Restrictions on sale of state lands within project.

After the receipt by the commissioner of public lands of the notice from the secretary of the interior or other officer of the United States provided for in RCW 90.40.030, no lands belonging to the state, susceptible of irrigation and within the area to be irrigated from the works projected by the United States and specified in such notice shall be sold except in conformity to the classification of farm units by the United States, and the title to such lands shall not pass from the state until the applicant therefor shall have fully complied with the provisions of the laws of the United States and the regulations thereunder concerning the acquisition of the right to use water from such works and shall produce the evidence thereof duly issued: PROVIDED, That the restrictions upon the sale or other disposal by the state of any state lands provided for in this section shall continue for the same periods, respectively, and upon the same conditions, as specified in RCW 90.40.030 for the withdrawal of waters from appropriation: AND PROVIDED FURTHER, That in case the authorization by the United States for the construction of irrigation works pursuant to RCW 90.40.030 shall be made within the period of three years specified therefor in said section, then the restrictions upon and conditions prescribed for the sale or other disposal of said lands in this section shall continue so long as any such lands shall remain unsold or not disposed of.
[ 1905 c 88 § 6; RRS § 7413.]


Reviser's note: See note following RCW 90.40.030.
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