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Membership in subversive organization described.

For the purpose of *this act, membership in a subversive organization shall be membership in any organization after it has been placed on the list of organizations designated by the attorney general of the United States as being subversive pursuant to executive order No. 9835.


Reviser's note: *(1) The term "this act" as used in RCW 9.81.082 appeared in 1955 c 377 § 3 which did not contain any language incorporating it as part of 1951 c 254 nor as part of chapter 9.81 RCW.
(2) As to the constitutionality of this section, see Nostrand v. Balmer, 53 Wn.2d 460, 335 P.2d 10 (1959) and Nostrand v. Little, 58 Wn.2d 111, 361 P.2d 551 (1961).
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