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Public employmentDetermining eligibilityInquiriesOath.

Every person and every board, commission, council, department, court or other agency of the state of Washington or any political subdivision thereof, who or which appoints or employs or supervises in any manner the appointment or employment of public officials or employees shall establish by rules, regulations or otherwise, procedures designed to ascertain whether any person is a subversive person. In securing any facts necessary to ascertain the information herein required, the applicant shall be required to sign a written statement containing answers to such inquiries as may be material, which statement shall contain notice that it is subject to the penalties of perjury. Every such person, board, commission, council, department, court, or other agency shall require every employee or applicant for employment to state under oath whether or not he or she is a member of the Communist party or other subversive organization, and refusal to answer on any grounds shall be cause for immediate termination of such employee's employment or for refusal to accept his or her application for employment.


Reviser's note: As to the constitutionality of this section, see Baggett v. Bullitt, 377 U.S. 360, 84 S. Ct. 1316, 12 L.Ed.2d 377 (1964).
Application forms, licensesMention of race or religion prohibitedPenalty: RCW 43.01.100.
Discrimination in employment: Chapter 49.60 RCW.
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