Chapter 9.81 RCW



HTMLPDF 9.81.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 9.81.020Subversive activities made felonyPenalty.
HTMLPDF 9.81.030Membership in subversive organization is felonyPenalty.
HTMLPDF 9.81.040Disqualification from voting or holding public office.
HTMLPDF 9.81.050Dissolution of subversive organizationsDisposition of property.
HTMLPDF 9.81.060Public employmentSubversive person ineligible.
HTMLPDF 9.81.070Public employmentDetermining eligibilityInquiriesOath.
HTMLPDF 9.81.080Public employmentInquiries may be dispensed with, when.
HTMLPDF 9.81.082Membership in subversive organization described.
HTMLPDF 9.81.083Communist party declared a subversive organization.
HTMLPDF 9.81.090Public employeesDischarge of subversive personsProcedureHearingAppeal.
HTMLPDF 9.81.110Misstatements are punishable as perjuryPenalty.
HTMLPDF 9.81.120Constitutional rightsCensorship or infringement.


Anarchy and sabotage: Chapter 9.05 RCW.
Freedom of speech: State Constitution Art. 1 § 5.
Treason: State Constitution Art. 1 § 27; chapter 9.82 RCW.