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Social card, dice gamesUse of premises of charitable, nonprofit organizations.

(1) The legislature hereby authorizes any bona fide charitable or nonprofit organization which is licensed pursuant to RCW 66.24.400, and its officers and employees, to allow the use of the premises, furnishings, and other facilities not gambling devices of such organization by members of the organization, and members of a chapter or unit organized under the same state, regional, or national charter or constitution, who engage as players in the following types of gambling activities only:
(a) Social card games; and
(b) Social dice games, which shall be limited to contests of chance, the outcome of which are determined by one or more rolls of dice.
(2) Bona fide charitable or nonprofit organizations shall not be required to be licensed by the commission in order to allow use of their premises in accordance with this section. However, the following conditions must be met:
(a) No organization, corporation, or person shall collect or obtain or charge any percentage of or shall collect or obtain any portion of the money or thing of value wagered or won by any of the players: PROVIDED, That a player may collect his or her winnings; and
(b) No organization, corporation, or person shall collect or obtain any money or thing of value from, or charge or impose any fee upon, any person which either enables him or her to play or results in or from his or her playing: PROVIDED, That this subsection shall not preclude collection of a membership fee which is unrelated to participation in gambling activities authorized under this section.
[ 1999 c 143 s 5; 1987 c 4 s 34. Formerly RCW 9.46.030(9).]
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