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Delinquency and sale in general improvement and divisional districtsList to be posted.

On or before the thirtieth day of June in each year each respective county treasurer concerned shall post the delinquency list which must contain the names of persons and the descriptions of the property delinquent and the amount of assessments, interest, and costs opposite each name and the description in all cases where payment of fifty percent or more of the assessment against any tract of land has not been made on or before the thirty-first day of May next preceding. Likewise on or before the fifteenth day of December in each year he or she must post the delinquency list of all persons delinquent in the payment of the final installment of the fifty percent of said assessments as in this chapter provided.
[ 2013 c 23 § 582; 1927 c 254 § 219; RRS § 7402-219. Formerly RCW 89.28.400.]
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