Chapter 87.76 RCW



87.76.010Coordination of programsReports.
87.76.020Coordinating agencyExpense, how defrayed.
87.76.030General powers of directors.
87.76.040Cooperation with other agencies authorizedFinancial contributionsContracts with public and private agencies.

Coordination of programsReports.

The directors of the several irrigation districts in the state shall take such action as they deem necessary to effect coordination of their common programs for the economical and efficient operation of their districts and the reclamation of lands therein, and prepare reports annually for such operations.
[ 1947 c 193 § 1; Rem. Supp. 1947 § 7505-10.]

Coordinating agencyExpense, how defrayed.

The directors of such irrigation districts may designate a statewide association dedicated to the promotion of irrigated agriculture as a coordinating agency in the execution of the duties imposed by this chapter, and pay dues or assessments, or both, to the association from district expense funds, and the several districts may levy assessments against the lands therein for this purpose. Such dues and assessments shall be paid only on vouchers approved by the board of directors of the contributing district in the manner provided for the approval of district vouchers generally. The total of such voucher claims for any district in any calendar year shall not exceed two percent of the total amount or its equivalent of the expense fund levy of the district for that year.
[ 1987 c 124 § 1; 1947 c 193 § 2; Rem. Supp. 1947 § 7505-11.]


Claims, how paid: RCW 87.03.440.
Power as to incurring indebtedness: RCW 87.03.475.

General powers of directors.

The board of directors of the several districts may effect the state organization herein contemplated and take such further and other action in behalf of their respective districts as they deem necessary to carry out the intent of this chapter, including support of and attendance at such meetings as may be required to promote and perfect the organization and to effect its purposes.
[ 1947 c 193 § 3; Rem. Supp. 1947 § 7505-12.]

Cooperation with other agencies authorizedFinancial contributionsContracts with public and private agencies.

To avoid duplication of effort the state association may, in the discretion of its officers, affiliate and cooperate with other organizations and agencies engaged in the furthering of reclamation of lands in the state and make financial contributions to them for such purpose. In carrying out the powers authorized by this chapter, the association of irrigation districts is authorized to enter into contracts with the federal government, the state, irrigation districts, boards of control, municipal or quasi-municipal corporations, cooperatives, other public or private agencies, and associate organizations. The association of irrigation districts is authorized to advance funds to promote the development and utilization of agricultural water and power resources and to employ the technical and professional assistance necessary to survey, plan, investigate, study, print, and publish information and literature to promote the development and utilization of such resources and provide and present data and information to members of congress, any committee of congress, and to other federal officials as an aid in securing needed legislation, contracts, and timely appropriations.