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Sale of district assets.

The trustee shall give notice that all the property and rights of the district, except property in the district sold for taxes or district assessments, will be sold pursuant to order of the court. The notice shall be given in the same manner and for the same time as for sale of real property on execution, except that it need not be posted.
The sale shall be made at public auction at the front door of the courthouse and may be adjourned from time to time not exceeding three weeks in all, by public announcement at the time and place of the sale.
Any claim established by the previous judgment of the court or any securities of the district may be accepted at face value on the purchase price: PROVIDED, That any offer made in the bondholders' written consent to dissolution shall be considered a bid and shall be accepted in the absence of a better offer. No bid shall be considered nor shall any sale be made for less than all the property and rights of the district. The trustee shall forthwith disburse the cash funds of the district in accordance with the order of the court.
[ 1951 c 237 § 11. Prior: 1899 c 102 § 10, part; RRS § 7540, part.]


Executions: Chapter 6.17 RCW.
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